What I have learned from my grandpa....

  • Drinking out of Crazy Straws in beer is totally acceptable. 
  • Jack and Phyillis aren't together anymore, but Victor and Nikki will always be on and off. {Which tv show is this from??}
  • His "candy" really isn't candy....it's Copenhagen. 
  • Driving slower in the car to "look" can keep you in the loop of all your neighbor's biz. 
  • Baby cows make the best pets...until they are sent to the butcher. {sadface}
  • If you low-ball the price on Price is Right, chances are you will win, because the person next to you was way too high.
  • If he says "get me my purse down from the cabinet" he really means wallet. 
My grandpa is in his 80s and doesn't remember much anymore. He knows my name on good days. Although he was a very scary man growing up, I learned some funny lessons from him. He keeps truckin' on, even if he doesn't remember what he did 5 minutes ago.


  1. haha drinking out of anything with a crazy straw is beyond acceptable. it should be a total must. lol. thanks for a great post. don't forget to stop by today for two brand new post. xoxo


  2. that is so cute - love the drinking beer from a crazy straw & driving slower to be "nosy" :)

    oh, & I used to have a baby cow (I even bottle-fed it & weened it to regular food), but he had to be sold :(

    btw, the show is The Young & The Restless (& I should be ashamed that I know that, but my mom watches it regularly!)

  3. This is too sweet. I actually had a good smile today because of you.