The time I forgot to DVR the VMAS.

Trying to catch up on the VMAs was hard, especially because I realized while in Wisconsin Dells that I forgot to set the DVR. After staying away from twitter last night and watching the recap this morning, I think it is best we talk about them....because, well, I love pop culture and award shows.

Red Carpet is always a fav for me. I would be screaming "What are you wearing??!" every five seconds if I was there.

My girl Demi. I love her, she has come back from such a dark place and she looks goood. Girl, you keep doing what you doing!

B. Spears is back. She looks just like she did back in the day of the Backstreet Boys and boy bands. Now only if she sounded like she did back in the day. Autotuned Britney is not my favorite.

Jonah Hill lost a ton of weight, but I actually liked him better husky. What do you think?

Lady Gaga oh, I mean Joe Calderone opened up the evening with You and I, but I have to say, I wasn't impressed with her as a man. I love my mother monster, but I was creeped out by how she into it she got. I thought she was putting on a skit at first, but she stayed in that outfit the whole evening. I actually kind of missed the meat dress.

Everyone probably knows that Beyonce is preggers now. But isn't she so adorbs!? After her performance, she threw down the mike and opened her jacket to show her baby bump. Dude, that baby is going to be gorgeous.

My only problem with award shows especially music awards is bleeping out every single word on someones song. Obvi Lil' Wayne is going to be swearing every other word and F this and F that, but it doesn't even sound like music if all you hear is spotty rapping. What is the point?!

The What the What of the evening was brought to you by my girl Nicki. She was wearing.....oh god, it was awful.

She Lil' Kim and Lady Gaga wrapped up with the chick that wore the duck to the Oscars. Srsly bby, less is more. And what is on your face!?

Did anyone actually tune into the VMAs? What did you think? I heard that everyone was upset about The Hunger Games Trailer, or lack there of.


  1. I don't get Nicki Minaj.. Like, what?

  2. oh my lord nicki minaj. blah

    And Demi is so gorgeous! I met her last year and she is sooo sweet! Everyone was bashing her saying she was "fat" seriously!? ugh, society.

  3. Interesting post and Demi look gorgeous! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  4. I completely agree with all of your thoughts on this! Gaga drove me crazy as a man, Lil Wayne's performance was sooo annoying with all of the editing, and Demi looked amazing. It wasn't the best VMAs, but it was pretty entertaining!

  5. oh damn nicki is totally worse than i thought i didn't watch the VMAS! i just saw her avatar change on twitter and i had no idea this was it.............wow.

    but demis hair was gorgeous! I looove it. I can't wait to do that to mine tomorrow! (ps its super easy!)

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