love can happen in the most manipulative places.

I have never watched anything related to the Bachelor until now. I figured I would try and watch the new season of Bachelor Pad. This show has so many twists and turns! I cannot believe how manipulative everyone is! {for 250,000 dollars!} But I think these two won the real prize. Jackie was voted out last night on the show, after a shocking departure of Gia. Ames and Jackie had been getting close on the show and after her and Ames' long goodbye, Ames looked back at everyone and waved. He ran after the limo....and got in. At this point I am sobbing at the tv. This was the best ending ever. And they better get married. And ABC better film it.

PS: I just checked...they are still dating. :) yay!


  1. I've never seen the show, but that sounds really sweet!

  2. Somehow this makes me so happy. I like reading about people being happy :)