July Favorites

It's the end of July already!? Where has summer went?? Here are my favorite July things!!
1: Rimmel Bronzer: So I am kind of different colors because of hanging at the beach, but this evens me out. Its cheap and doesn't have glitter. 
2: Acne Stress Control Toner: This stuff is fab. I have been getting blemmys because my middle name is stress, but after two days of using this, my skin cleared up!
3: This Sinful Color nail polish in pink is literally hot pink. I love that it makes me look more tan.
4: Elf Powder Brush: I use this brush for everything: powder, bronzer, blush... its just perfect. It kind of reminds me of a long handled kabuki type brush. 
5: Twisted is the 9 book in the PLL series. I read it in less than 2 days. I may be addicted and cannot wait for the next book in December!
6:NARS Orgasm blush...it is just perfect for summer. Nuff said. 
7:That Gal face primer from Benefit is just enough primer for those hot summer days, so your makeup doesn't melt off within two seconds. AND it smells like bubble gum. 
8:Elf tinted moisturizer was in my favs last month, but seriously, it was the best 3 dollars I have spent. It evens skin tone and provides SPF 15. Go get you some!

Do you have any favs for the month of July? Share them with me!!


  1. Nars Orgasm is THE BEST BLUSH EVER.

  2. I love finding bronzer without glitter in it!

  3. I have a makeup question for you, expert. I'm a blonde and I have the shortest, sparsest, most transparent eyelashes of anyone I've ever met. I desperately need to wear mascara but I have never found a mascara I can wear without looking like a freak because it literally slides off onto my face. I've tried everything - waterproof, long-wear, even expensive Clinique and the same thing happens every time. Any tips or suggestions??

  4. I've heard good things about the Bad Gal primer, really gotta try it! Love your blog!! xx