I'd like to thank the blogicademy....

I recently got an award from a very favorite blogger, Kristen. This would be my first blog award!!! I think I am supposed to share some random facts now, yeah? Okay.
  1. Right now I am watching episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. 
  2. I have now been up for almost 17 hours. I need to catch up on blogging and housework! {More blogging than housework...}
  3. I have a new job now and I hope now that I stay here for a while. Paperwork and learning a new job is harddd!
  4. I am always Princess Peach on Mario Kart.
  5. Work is cutting into my twitter time, so don't hate me if I don't tweet.
  6. I want a washer and dryer for Christmas. I am so sick of washing clothes at the laundrymat!
  7. I gave advice to my soon to be younger brother-in-law tonight. Makes me feel special. 
Here are some lovely ladies who blog and deserve this award too. {Paying it forward!!}

PS: Here are my rather large glasses I got from Coastal Contacts during their sale... not sure if I am going to keep 'em. I am not as hipster as I used to be!!

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  1. thanks so much girl! I'll be sure to pay this forward.