Chanel and Chocolate Cake is 1!

Happy birthday to the blog today! Last year at this time I was writing a post telling everyone that my wedding was postponed, but I didn't want to stop blogging. So here I am! Thank you to all my followers, I hope that I can keep you entertained another year, thank you to my new followers that have started to follow me via RTs, comments or any other way you found me. I love blogging. This is how I met the best people in my life. Seriously. So thank you. 

To my new readers, I hope you're enjoying what you're reading. 
To my old readers, how is it possible its been [over] a year since meeting all of you? 
To my future readers, welcome. This is my life. You will see wayy too much of my cat, Warhol, makeup reviews and I promise I will start a cooking segment of the blog...ha. [maybe] 
So here's to the blogiverse, without you all I would be alone. xoxo


  1. Happy birthday Chanel and Chocolate Cake!!

  2. Awwww cute!!! Happy bloggy birthday :)

  3. Cnograts on the one year mark!