What I have learned from my grandpa....

  • Drinking out of Crazy Straws in beer is totally acceptable. 
  • Jack and Phyillis aren't together anymore, but Victor and Nikki will always be on and off. {Which tv show is this from??}
  • His "candy" really isn't candy....it's Copenhagen. 
  • Driving slower in the car to "look" can keep you in the loop of all your neighbor's biz. 
  • Baby cows make the best pets...until they are sent to the butcher. {sadface}
  • If you low-ball the price on Price is Right, chances are you will win, because the person next to you was way too high.
  • If he says "get me my purse down from the cabinet" he really means wallet. 
My grandpa is in his 80s and doesn't remember much anymore. He knows my name on good days. Although he was a very scary man growing up, I learned some funny lessons from him. He keeps truckin' on, even if he doesn't remember what he did 5 minutes ago.


The time I forgot to DVR the VMAS.

Trying to catch up on the VMAs was hard, especially because I realized while in Wisconsin Dells that I forgot to set the DVR. After staying away from twitter last night and watching the recap this morning, I think it is best we talk about them....because, well, I love pop culture and award shows.

Red Carpet is always a fav for me. I would be screaming "What are you wearing??!" every five seconds if I was there.

My girl Demi. I love her, she has come back from such a dark place and she looks goood. Girl, you keep doing what you doing!

B. Spears is back. She looks just like she did back in the day of the Backstreet Boys and boy bands. Now only if she sounded like she did back in the day. Autotuned Britney is not my favorite.

Jonah Hill lost a ton of weight, but I actually liked him better husky. What do you think?

Lady Gaga oh, I mean Joe Calderone opened up the evening with You and I, but I have to say, I wasn't impressed with her as a man. I love my mother monster, but I was creeped out by how she into it she got. I thought she was putting on a skit at first, but she stayed in that outfit the whole evening. I actually kind of missed the meat dress.

Everyone probably knows that Beyonce is preggers now. But isn't she so adorbs!? After her performance, she threw down the mike and opened her jacket to show her baby bump. Dude, that baby is going to be gorgeous.

My only problem with award shows especially music awards is bleeping out every single word on someones song. Obvi Lil' Wayne is going to be swearing every other word and F this and F that, but it doesn't even sound like music if all you hear is spotty rapping. What is the point?!

The What the What of the evening was brought to you by my girl Nicki. She was wearing.....oh god, it was awful.

She Lil' Kim and Lady Gaga wrapped up with the chick that wore the duck to the Oscars. Srsly bby, less is more. And what is on your face!?

Did anyone actually tune into the VMAs? What did you think? I heard that everyone was upset about The Hunger Games Trailer, or lack there of.

Wedding Bells

Who read this? Okay. Let me get this straight. First of all, cannot breathe. Second of all, WHAT!? So all I have to do to attend AJ's wedding to his lovely girlfriend is to win a contest?!

What if I have super bad luck?? Because, well, I do. Especially when it comes to contests. I did win a contest when I was 8 years old at our local movie store for first season in VHS of Power Rangers.

But seriously....I love weddings!

{Re-Edit: I found this in my blog entries unposted. I had to post this. AJ tweeted this about a month and a half ago.}

....I was only half kidding about going. 


What I learned from watching Jersey Shore...

The slang term for Pinot Grigio is Pinot Greege....and then I stopped watching.


Confesh time: I wear a weave.

That is not my real hair. Yes, I am a girl that loves to cut all my hair off. In 2005 my hair was this short:

Why yes, I am singing into a makeup brush. 

Then my hair got a little longer in 2007.....

And then it got longer in 2008.....

But I never kept it that long. I cut it off short again in 2010. So, that's where my weave comes in. On days that I wish my hair was long and luscious, I snap these bad boys in.

It is the best way to have the best of both worlds...until I actually keep growing my hair out.

PHEW! I am so glad I got that off my chest!!


Where's Liz?

I started a new job last week at a trendy salon where I am from. Well, now I am working full time hours, so I am trying to catch up with blogging. I promise not to forget about you! I just need to get used to the hours I am working. Kisses!


Guest Blogging @ Hollie Takes Notes!

I am guest blogging over here for Hollie while she goes on vacay to beautiful Hawaii... so you should go check it out and see what I keep in my Beach Bag. I begged Hollie to take me with to Hawaii, but I sadly didn't fit in her carry on.

Oh and its Warhol Wednesday!!! Sorry for the grainy cell phone pic, but somebunny wanted my ice cream.

If this was captioned, it would say " Oh, hai, Mom....iz that ayce creem?


love can happen in the most manipulative places.

I have never watched anything related to the Bachelor until now. I figured I would try and watch the new season of Bachelor Pad. This show has so many twists and turns! I cannot believe how manipulative everyone is! {for 250,000 dollars!} But I think these two won the real prize. Jackie was voted out last night on the show, after a shocking departure of Gia. Ames and Jackie had been getting close on the show and after her and Ames' long goodbye, Ames looked back at everyone and waved. He ran after the limo....and got in. At this point I am sobbing at the tv. This was the best ending ever. And they better get married. And ABC better film it.

PS: I just checked...they are still dating. :) yay!

I'd like to thank the blogicademy....

I recently got an award from a very favorite blogger, Kristen. This would be my first blog award!!! I think I am supposed to share some random facts now, yeah? Okay.
  1. Right now I am watching episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. 
  2. I have now been up for almost 17 hours. I need to catch up on blogging and housework! {More blogging than housework...}
  3. I have a new job now and I hope now that I stay here for a while. Paperwork and learning a new job is harddd!
  4. I am always Princess Peach on Mario Kart.
  5. Work is cutting into my twitter time, so don't hate me if I don't tweet.
  6. I want a washer and dryer for Christmas. I am so sick of washing clothes at the laundrymat!
  7. I gave advice to my soon to be younger brother-in-law tonight. Makes me feel special. 
Here are some lovely ladies who blog and deserve this award too. {Paying it forward!!}

PS: Here are my rather large glasses I got from Coastal Contacts during their sale... not sure if I am going to keep 'em. I am not as hipster as I used to be!!


That one time I {ALMOST} spray tanned

I started a new job on Thursday as a receptionist at a high end, funky salon. It was a typical day of training, where you learn about the services and computer system.
Normal day.

Fast forward to Friday. I was learning more about services.
This is when I was asked by my new boss if I would like a spray tan... (to learn about it and experience it) I said yes. During one of my breaks, I went up to the spray tan room and stripped down. If you have ever spray tanned, you know that you strip down to almost nothing. So here I was, standing in a paper thong and a towel over my chest. In front of my boss. On the second day of my new job. It gets better.

The spray bottle that they use to spray on the tan was malfunctioning. So, she tried 3 different bottles on me, while I stand pretty much naked waiting to be a golden bronze. The spray tanner was broken. But she wasn't sure...so she called in a fellow coworker who used the system. (I am still pretty much naked.) Needless to say, I didn't get bronze and I think I now am initiated into the salon.


August Birchbox!!!

No video this month. I sound terrible after working all week both jobs (stories later) so I took a picture instead.

I was afraid that I was going to hate this months box because I heard mixed reviews and people actually stopped their subscription. But I was satisfied with everything I got. The black thing is a hairtie, which I thought was really "dumb" at first....but I actually am using it. I am excited to use the white bottle, which is a deep conditioner and the white foil package is the shampoo partner. (The conditioner is 58 dollars for a big bottle!!) I also am excited to try the Stila tinted moisturizer. I like to try different types. Right now my fav is ELF...so we will see the difference. The Befine lotion came with a sample exfoliant. I can't wait to try it! So, another successful Birchbox!! 
What did you get this month? I'd love to see!


Wish List! {makeup edition Fall 2011}

Sephora is dangerous for me. I love everything in that store and could live there if they let me. (No one has ever let me yet...) But here is what I want for Fall 2011(and one thing from the QVC network):
NARS Blush/Bronzer Trio ($55.00)

Harajuku Lovers "G" ($16.00)

They're Real Benefit Mascara ($22.00)

Chubby Stick ($15.00)
Glow Your Way to Gorgeous (QVC $54.96)

Do you have any beauty wants for Fall 2011? What are they? Have you ever tried any of these products?


Warhol Wednesday!

Warhol was caught sleeping in my closet on my clothes.

Warhol, dontchu know cat hair isn't a good look on mom's clothes?


Tumblr Tuesday


Shabby Chic Warhol?


I always wondered this...


Too Faced Naked Palatte (Review)

When I wanted the Naked Palette at Sephora, I ran into the stores to see that the collection was sold out. Even the tester was bought. This is when I found this Too Faced answer to the Naked Eye. It was less eyeshadows, but definitely something I could work with. 

Most of the eyeshadows are very similar to UD Naked. So I was pleasantly surprised with the pigments, so I was happy with my purchase. On the Sephora website, it says it's worth $73.00, so for $36.00, that was a steal. 

Here are the colors swatched: 

The colors are: In the Buff (matte ivory) it looks more white here, but it is definitely a very pretty ivory. Birthday Suit (beige shimmer), Pink Cheeks (pale pink with sheen), Pillow Talk (light taupe sheen), Like a Virgin (matte taupe), Satin Sheets (gold champagne) {is very similar to Sin in the UD Naked Palette,} Unmentionables (grey metallic) {is very similar to Gunmetal in the UD Naked Palette,} Lap Dance (metallic taupe shimmer) and Stilletto (matte black).

It comes with three removable cards that have tutorials for looks on them. 

How fab is that?! The two things I don't like about this palette is the applicator and chunky packaging. Both are unnecessary.

I love that this palette was cheaper and it has gorgeous colors, just like the UD palette. If you are a makeup collector like me, this is something that you could add to your collection. I use both, because I cannot play favorites. However, I do take the UD palette on trips because its much more sleek than this palette.


hernewleaf asks: I have a makeup question for you, expert. I'm a blonde and I have the shortest, sparsest, most transparent eyelashes of anyone I've ever met. I desperately need to wear mascara but I have never found a mascara I can wear without looking like a freak because it literally slides off onto my face. I've tried everything - waterproof, long-wear, even expensive Clinique and the same thing happens every time. Any tips or suggestions??

A: I would try a mascara called Gold Rose Perfect Multivitamin Mascara in transparent. I have heard (through gurus and reviews) that it does what black and brown mascaras would do. It also brightens eyes and makes your eyes look very natural. Because your eyelashes are sparse, I thought this highly nourishing mascara would help with growth.

Jessica asks: You had me at lace trim bike shorts. Now, where can we buy those?? ;)

A: I know that Jessica was joking, but I actually own a couple pair of lace trim bike shorts and I wear them under short dresses. If you go to H&M they have lace trim bike shorts.

Everyone asked: What is Birchbox?

Birchbox is a monthly subscription that comes in the mail (much like a magazine) that has deluxe sized samples. Some samples that can come are: NARS, Laura Geller, Korres, Benefit and Redken. It only costs $10.00 a month and comes by the 15th of the month. I definitely recommend trying it.

mommyspice asks: What are your favorite parts of SF?

A: While living there I really enjoyed going to:
  • Haight Street and checking out all the shops.
  • Baker Beach to catch some sun. 
  • Cheesecake Factory in Macy's which overlooks Union Square. 
  • Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill (with the Labyrinth)
  • Eddie Rickenbacker's in SOMA. They had a cat in there!! (Sooo unsanitary but sooo cute!)
  • Pearl's Deluxe Burgers on Post and Sudachi Sushi on Sutter. 
  • And I know, even though its a tourist trap, I love the Piers. All of them. 

So did you enjoy this new feature on the blog? Should I do it again? 

Chanel and Chocolate Cake is 1!

Happy birthday to the blog today! Last year at this time I was writing a post telling everyone that my wedding was postponed, but I didn't want to stop blogging. So here I am! Thank you to all my followers, I hope that I can keep you entertained another year, thank you to my new followers that have started to follow me via RTs, comments or any other way you found me. I love blogging. This is how I met the best people in my life. Seriously. So thank you. 

To my new readers, I hope you're enjoying what you're reading. 
To my old readers, how is it possible its been [over] a year since meeting all of you? 
To my future readers, welcome. This is my life. You will see wayy too much of my cat, Warhol, makeup reviews and I promise I will start a cooking segment of the blog...ha. [maybe] 
So here's to the blogiverse, without you all I would be alone. xoxo


Get Naked! (review)

Raise you hand if you have heard of this eyeshadow palette...yep okay, I bet you have heard of it because of how hard it was to find and how fast it flew off shelves. I finally have come around to write a post about this amazing palette. Now you can find it in Sephoras and ULTAS. You can buy it online. Everyone is happy.

This palette comes with 12 colors. Which equals 4 dollars a color. Which is pretty good considering a full size shadow is 17 dollars.

Let's look at them closer shall we? 

Virgin is a nudish color with a little bit of shimmer, sin is a champagne shimmery color, naked is a light brownish matte and sidecar is a chunkier sparkley beige.

Buck is a darker brownish matte, half baked is sparkly bronze, smog is a brown shimmer with gold flecks and darkhorse is a dark plum shimmer. 

Toasted is a darker more skin toned bronze, hustle is a shimmery brown, creep is a dark black with a little shimmer and gunmetal is a grey metallic. 

All these can be used together or separately. When I bought this last fall (and waited about three months on a waiting list) it came with a double eyeliner but it now comes with an eyeshadow brush.

This was great for a natural eye or even more dramatic. I love to use it for photoshoots and making new looks. If you love natural eyeshadows and have never tried Urban Decay, I would recommend this. 

If you want to see tutorials with this palette, let me know, I could try and put some up!!
Have you tried this palette? What do you think?