What's in my Make-up Bag? (Vacation Edition)

While on vacation, we still want to look fabulous, but we don't want to lug our whole makeup collection with....so I decided to show you all what I chose to bring on my little vacay.

1; Color ELF Powder Brush: Amazing. Seriously. I use this brush for everything. Holy grail brush perhaps?!!
2; Sephora #41 Rounded Powder Brush: This brush is also great. I love to use it for setting everything on my face. Its so big and fluffy.
3; Deborah Lippmann Stripper-To-Go :finally something to use for taking off polish without being messy! AND it smells amazing too!!
4; Bio True solution for contacts. New.Favorite.Saline.Solution. 'Nuff said.
5; ELF Tinted Moisturizer :3.00? Yeah, def cannot go wrong. It doesn't clog my pores and it isn't as heavy as foundation. Good for if its 100 degrees out and your face melts off .
6; UD Primer in Greed: this is great for a primer or just alone. I like to dab a little on my eyes and poof. You're done.
7; Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer: Duh, amazing, makes you happy, makes you tan. Win.
8; NARS Orgasm Blush: Such a pretty color! Goes so nice with the Happy Booster!
9; Benefit Creme Shadow in Birthday Suit: If I don't use Greed, I use this. Love.

Well, that is all I brought on my trip. I didn't wear much makeup because it was 80 degrees out and I was outside 90% of the time. But this is usually what I bring anywhere I travel, because srsly...that caboodle is heavy.

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  1. LOVE Nars Orgasm. Love love love! And e.l.f. makes such good brushes!! (Surprisingly, for the price!) I loved this post! You're so right; that caboodle gets DANG heavy, and you really can't lug all of your makeup with you everywhere you go.... As much as I'd like to.. ha!