What the What?!

I didn't know that Redbull could give your eyebrow's wiiiings. But seriously. Ty Ty, whatchu thinkin?! This eyebrow wing look is not pretty. You just look stupid.

In other What the What news....
Kim Kardash is suing Old Navy for this girl:

Giiirl, please. I didn't for one minute believe that was you for ON. Old Navy is so not your style.


  1. How DARE someone be born that resembles her! Facepalm. Kim is stupid.

  2. ohmigoodness, whaaaaat is tyra thinking with that eye-wing???? SO confused.

  3. it does look like kim k but ya...i don't think she would ever do ads for old navy!

  4. I thought that looked like Kim too! And is anything Tyra wears really great? Ugh.

  5. What. Tyra. WHAT.

    Kim, darling, get over yourself.

  6. How many times a day can I say "Tyra, what the hell?!" she is dang crazy :) Stopped over from FTLOB. Happy Comment Love Day!

  7. When I saw that old navy commercial, the first thing I thought was, what in the world? why would old navy put a kim k. look alike..oh well DUH, she is hot right now! Anything with her name or look will sell. & it looks like it is working. But what I think is even cheesier is that Reggie Bush is now dating the old navy kim k. look alike..Okkkkkk.

    oh and hello from FTLOB ;)

  8. oh tyra. thanks for another lovely post. I hope you had an amazing weekend. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my favorite little treat shop in Beverly Hills. Thanks love. xoxo


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  9. Aww I miss you too!! Thanks for sticking with me :)

    Sabrina Says