What the What?!

This past weekend was Miami Fashion Week Swim and I couldn't help looking at all the styles and trends, because I actually went to Fashion Week Swim back in 2009. That was an experience, watching all the runway shows and trying to walk in heels in sand (one of the runways was in sand). But the thing that got me saying "What the What?!" this week was the swimsuit that Kristin Cavallari wore for the Diesel show. 

A MBFW photo
Its kind of pretty. Very unique. But what is this swimsuit made out of?! SKYY VODKA BOTTLES! Hold up. Yeah. WHAT?! Don't you think that's kind of dangerous? Obvi Kristin Cav didn't think so. 

Ballsy girlfran!  This swimsuit was a collab between Diesel and SKYY Vodka. Diesel is launching a biodegradable bikini that won’t disintegrate on a woman’s body, but if buried, it would break down and fully decompose within 180 days. How eco-chic. 

By the looks of it Miami Swim was fab this year. 

Would you wear this glass bathing suit?

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  1. Love the shape of the swimsuit but I don't know about the detail! Love how eco-friendly it is though :)

    Just wondering if you would be interested in a button swap? Let me know if you are :)