TGIF TGIF TGIF cue Kenny Loggins riiiiight now.

1) This weekend is one of Hubs and I first vacays in about a year. Thank goodness. Where are we going? Cabo? Florida? NYC? Uh, no. Green Bay, WI. 
2) Look what I got from Cassie this last weekend: 
Heck yeah Band Perry! I wish I could have went. They are so good live. 
3) Warhol may melt into the carpet this weekend. It feels like Georgia up in here!
4) I seriously cannot read hardcover books. I won't buy them or anything. They are just too heavy for my weak wrists.
5) Happy Fourth of July everyone! This is my favorite holiday next to NYE. 

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  1. I HATE hardcover books!!! I want the new Sookie Stackhouse book SO bad but it's not out in paperback yet. Boo! :( Enjoy your vacation!