Kristin Cav should have taken advice from Miss Carrie Bradshaw.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler called off their engagement, days before KC's Life & Style spread hit newsstands.

Has KC learned anything from Carrie Bradshaw!? You do NOT take pictures in wedding dresses before your wedding. You are destined to be single and going on your honeymoon with your BFFs.


  1. THANK you for saying exactly what I was thinking. Also, I really don't like Kristin (LC & Lo fan here, holla!) so I don't feel that bad for her. When it happened to Carrie, my heart broke for her - so sad.

  2. Hey - thanks for stopping by! I'm still taking sponsors for the swap - I'll go ahead and grab your button if you do the same. =)

    And ditto to Hannah - HATE KC, Love Carrie.

  3. Oh, I always do what Carrie suggests! :) I didn't even know that KC and JC were engaged. Guess I didn't miss anything! ;)

    Popping by from FTLOB!

  4. Hey, hopped over from FTLOB Comment Sunday.

    Kristin is a very pretty girl but I just can't forgot how snotty she was on Laguna Beach. She may have done some "growing up" since then but I wouldn't know since I didn't watch her on The Hills. I imagine being photographed in wedding dresses is toying with bad luck. I showed my ex-fiance wedding dress and me in it prior to our wedding and a few months later we were dunzo. But I will say that I was having second thoughts the whole time and then called it off so it isn't a surprise that we broke it up. Maybe subconsciously I showed him on purpose? Okay, I'm rambling. Hope you have a great day and get your 100 follower goal. :)

  5. I have to say, I'm not super sad that KC won't be hanging around Chicago anymore. But yes, always listen to Carrie!