I confess...v.2

I am linking up with Carissa from Carissa Explains It All today! I love this girl she is so fab. So here are my confessions:

I confess... I love country music. Recently I told Michelle from Oh, Mishka that I met Luke Bryan. Here he is with my sissy: 

 and here is my hat: 

I never wear it anymore. It sits on my manni. But here is me wearing it back then when I was waiting to meet him:

...which leads to my next confession: I confess... that I make redic faces and pretend to be gangsta. Yeah, I know...it gets bad. 

I confess... that I am watching Pepper Ann right now. 

 I confess... that I don't watch the Bachelor...(don't hate me Carissa!) 

I confess... I love comments on my blog. I really love that people read what I am writing. (And that I am meeting the best people doing this...) 

I confess... everytime AJ from BSB puts a pic up on twitter, I kind of get butterflies. Yeah okay, I am a little weird. I love him so much. 

Short and sweet this week. I hope Michelle enjoyed her pic of Luke Bryan and hope she LOVES him in concert this week. 


  1. Well I should probably confess I've watched about 30 minutes of this season of the Bachelorette TOTAL... I hardly watch it either.

    Why am I not watching Pepper Anne right now? what a fantastic show

  2. Oh my GOSH he is a hottie! I'm still so incredibly jealous!!!

  3. i love pepper ann!! i used to stay home from school just so i could watch it !! :] New Follower!!! yay :]

  4. I get made fun of for liking country, but I love, love, love Luke Bryan and I am so jealous. Also, Pepper Ann is awesome.