I confess....v.1

I decided to Link up to Carissa Explains It All today.  I am having a blogger block, so I figure do a link up! Maybe this will help my block.  Annnyyyways!
My confessions. Hmmm... What do I want to confess today? 

I confess...I am secretly jealous of all the bloggers out there that make money blogging... or youtube gurus...that make money through their videos. I am not a jealous person, but you guys who get to blog and get paid for it... that is my dream job. 
Babysteps... right?

I confess...I am secretly planning a half sleeve that I (probably) will never get. But I admire bebebirdbeck, Dani Hampton and Liz Franco's sleeves.

I confess...That I have to watch Pretty Little Liars every week. It is SO addicting.

I confess... (keeping with the TV theme)Teen Nick is airing old episodes of 90s shows starting next week. I don't have Teen Nick. I am very sad.

I miss Clarissa, Doug and Are You Afraid of the Dark.... 

I confess...I will come out of this blog block soon! xoxo


  1. Oh my god LOVING Pretty Little Liars as well! Such a fun show! And, this is an ADORABLE post! Love it! can't wait for it to be a series!

  2. OMG... Teen Nick... airing... 90's.... next week?!! OK I've been wishing they would re-air those shows for the longest time!

    And I've been in blog blocks before... don't sweat it, just please don't give up!

    P.S. I too get jealous of paid bloggers... those bitches!

  3. OMG I so miss those shows too -- and of course Hey Dude too! DVR is set!

  4. oooo I clearly was a Clarissa Explains It All fan ; )

    I am super jealous of paid bloggers (and youtubers) as well!

  5. Pretty Little Liars is SO underrated! I love it. Every week. Switched At Birth isn't too bad either.

  6. Oh man. I am so jealous of paid bloggers! Don't worry sooner or later you will get there! Just continue to blog for the right reasons :)

    & I am obsessed with pretty little liars! I can't get enough of that show!