Five Things....

  • SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. Okay. I realized this today....I will fast forward through sad parts of Disney Movies. Mufasa dying by the stampede? FF. Nemo's momma dying? FF. Bambi? FF that whole movie. I won't be caught dead watching that.Raja bumping Princess Jasmine across the wall to get out...FF. I cannot stand to see a sad kitty.
  • I found Melrose Place on Netflix... My grandma used to be obsessed with this show. This and Party of Five.
  • Warhol has been in my face like this all day: 
  • Um, why do these people live next to a pool? (Melrose Place)
  • Why were shoulder pads a fashion statement? Tell me please. 


  1. LOL! I used to ask the same questions about Melrose Place.

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  2. Oh my god, shoulder pads. You've got me! No clue.

  3. I do exactly the same thing through Disney movies. Particularly Toy Story Movies. *sob*

    And from someone who lived through the shoulder pad phase - apparently they were supposed to make our hips look smaller. Yup I said apparently.

    Hope you are enjoying Comment Love Day from FTLOB :)


  4. Shoulder pads were awful and every suit had them! It was a terrible fashion period!! I tore them out of every suit, they made me look like a linebacker!

  5. You are too funny! I'm laughing out loud at the shoulder pads comment and the fast forwarding through Disney movies...

    Have a great weekend!

    xo jess