Five things Friday: Hannah Montana Edition

  • I kind of enjoy watching Hannah Montana. Especially the last season. 
  • My roommate in college had to explain the show to me. I really didn't understand it at first. 
  • Jackson's girlfriend is my favorite character. Maybe you know her... 
 Sienna=Jenna from Pretty Little Liars!!! She is the Bu-Bu-Bikini model (as Jackson says it) and she is so adorbs. 
  • I have a crush on Oliver Oken circa Hannah Montana forever.  Um, hello, Olliepop!
  • I wish I lived in their house. Miley and Lily have their own barn. Like... wow. 
  • I may spend all of tomorrow and Sunday watching Hannah Montana on Netflix. 
  • I am jealous of Miley's hair in the last season. I want long hair like that. 
So confesh; do you watch Hannah Montana? Or have you seen it? I can't help that I like it. It's just too cute and kind of reminds me of Laverne and Shirley. (Miley and Lily=new Laverne and Shirley) 
Happy Friday! xox


  1. I never got on the Miley train... :/ but on a side note...I gave you a blog award! Check it out on my latest post: http://graphicdesignconfessions.blogspot.com

  2. LOVES Five Things Fridays ;) and I got someone else in on it too! So much fun. I never did get on the Miley experience, but I've definitely checked out a couple of HM episodes ;)

  3. I watched Hannah Montana a few times with my youngest sister... mostly to make fun of her weird speech impediment. It bothers me. BAD.

  4. I HATE Miley Cyrus and I do NOT think she can act - but occasionally Hannah is cute :)

  5. first of all: i'm in love with your blog design! it is soo sweet :)

    2: i love miley/hannah! i'm sad there is no more show....i too am obsessed with her hair. i wish mine would grow for goodness sakes!

  6. I have actually never seen it:-) Maybe I'm too old lol!