I confess...v.2

I am linking up with Carissa from Carissa Explains It All today! I love this girl she is so fab. So here are my confessions:

I confess... I love country music. Recently I told Michelle from Oh, Mishka that I met Luke Bryan. Here he is with my sissy: 

 and here is my hat: 

I never wear it anymore. It sits on my manni. But here is me wearing it back then when I was waiting to meet him:

...which leads to my next confession: I confess... that I make redic faces and pretend to be gangsta. Yeah, I know...it gets bad. 

I confess... that I am watching Pepper Ann right now. 

 I confess... that I don't watch the Bachelor...(don't hate me Carissa!) 

I confess... I love comments on my blog. I really love that people read what I am writing. (And that I am meeting the best people doing this...) 

I confess... everytime AJ from BSB puts a pic up on twitter, I kind of get butterflies. Yeah okay, I am a little weird. I love him so much. 

Short and sweet this week. I hope Michelle enjoyed her pic of Luke Bryan and hope she LOVES him in concert this week. 

Dupe Alert!! V.2

While trying new looks with my Naked Urban Decay Palette, I realized that my cream shadow RSVP by Benefit was a dupe for Sin by Urban Decay!! Both are awesome for a natural eye. RSVP is a cream shadow, however, whereas Sin is just a regular eyeshadow. They are both a gorgeous champagne-y color.

Samsies huh?!


Kristin Cav should have taken advice from Miss Carrie Bradshaw.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler called off their engagement, days before KC's Life & Style spread hit newsstands.

Has KC learned anything from Carrie Bradshaw!? You do NOT take pictures in wedding dresses before your wedding. You are destined to be single and going on your honeymoon with your BFFs.


Liz Explains Clarissa Darling's Wardrobe

Clarissa Darling is the epitome of fashion in the 90's and after reliving my youth with old epi's of Clarissa Explains it all, I decided to break down her wardrobe. 

Clarissa was fearless when it came to her outfits. She loved boyfriend flannels, combat boots, polka dot bike shorts, large headbands, daisy hats and neon socks. She loved mixing patterns and colors, layering everything and accessories. 

Her legging obsesh is something I can relate to. (except for not under jeans)
This is how I would dress like Clarissa Darling in 2011.
Clarissa would be a little shocked that it isn't as bright as she would wear, but hey, I don't want to look like a traffic cone. I work better with neutrals.

Anatomy of Clarissa Darling's Wardrobe

Has anyone caught Clarissa's style on Teen Nick this week?
Hubs surprised me with
season 1 because we don't have that channel. How sweet!!


What the What?!

I didn't know that Redbull could give your eyebrow's wiiiings. But seriously. Ty Ty, whatchu thinkin?! This eyebrow wing look is not pretty. You just look stupid.

In other What the What news....
Kim Kardash is suing Old Navy for this girl:

Giiirl, please. I didn't for one minute believe that was you for ON. Old Navy is so not your style.



  • I have never in my life owned a MAC product. This is not by choice. I really live in the middle of no where and the closest MAC counter (not even store) is in Madison, WI. 
  • Do you know who this guy is? Yep, yep. He is Samantha's next door neighbor in Sex and the City The Movie. Also known as Gilles Marini. Well he walked right past me at Miami Fashion Week Swim in 2009, smiled and said hi. Nice guy!
  • I am getting to the point where I need an iPhone. My Crapberry is getting worse. Stupid contracts!
  • I am a closet Johnny Cash fan. I love that man. 
  • I definitely like owling more than planking.


Say Hi!

I am blogging over here today talking about my favorite beach reads. Come check it out and see what books I am devouring in the sun.

Oh and its Warhol Wednesday! Here is your favorite house cat: 
Winter cat needs extra layers in the frozen tundra.


What the What?!

This past weekend was Miami Fashion Week Swim and I couldn't help looking at all the styles and trends, because I actually went to Fashion Week Swim back in 2009. That was an experience, watching all the runway shows and trying to walk in heels in sand (one of the runways was in sand). But the thing that got me saying "What the What?!" this week was the swimsuit that Kristin Cavallari wore for the Diesel show. 

A MBFW photo
Its kind of pretty. Very unique. But what is this swimsuit made out of?! SKYY VODKA BOTTLES! Hold up. Yeah. WHAT?! Don't you think that's kind of dangerous? Obvi Kristin Cav didn't think so. 

Ballsy girlfran!  This swimsuit was a collab between Diesel and SKYY Vodka. Diesel is launching a biodegradable bikini that won’t disintegrate on a woman’s body, but if buried, it would break down and fully decompose within 180 days. How eco-chic. 

By the looks of it Miami Swim was fab this year. 

Would you wear this glass bathing suit?


I confess....v.1

I decided to Link up to Carissa Explains It All today.  I am having a blogger block, so I figure do a link up! Maybe this will help my block.  Annnyyyways!
My confessions. Hmmm... What do I want to confess today? 

I confess...I am secretly jealous of all the bloggers out there that make money blogging... or youtube gurus...that make money through their videos. I am not a jealous person, but you guys who get to blog and get paid for it... that is my dream job. 
Babysteps... right?

I confess...I am secretly planning a half sleeve that I (probably) will never get. But I admire bebebirdbeck, Dani Hampton and Liz Franco's sleeves.

I confess...That I have to watch Pretty Little Liars every week. It is SO addicting.

I confess... (keeping with the TV theme)Teen Nick is airing old episodes of 90s shows starting next week. I don't have Teen Nick. I am very sad.

I miss Clarissa, Doug and Are You Afraid of the Dark.... 

I confess...I will come out of this blog block soon! xoxo


Five things Friday: Hannah Montana Edition

  • I kind of enjoy watching Hannah Montana. Especially the last season. 
  • My roommate in college had to explain the show to me. I really didn't understand it at first. 
  • Jackson's girlfriend is my favorite character. Maybe you know her... 
 Sienna=Jenna from Pretty Little Liars!!! She is the Bu-Bu-Bikini model (as Jackson says it) and she is so adorbs. 
  • I have a crush on Oliver Oken circa Hannah Montana forever.  Um, hello, Olliepop!
  • I wish I lived in their house. Miley and Lily have their own barn. Like... wow. 
  • I may spend all of tomorrow and Sunday watching Hannah Montana on Netflix. 
  • I am jealous of Miley's hair in the last season. I want long hair like that. 
So confesh; do you watch Hannah Montana? Or have you seen it? I can't help that I like it. It's just too cute and kind of reminds me of Laverne and Shirley. (Miley and Lily=new Laverne and Shirley) 
Happy Friday! xox


July's Birchbox (featuring Warhol)

Yay for presents in the mail! I was so excited about getting Birchbox this month. 
This is what was in it: 

KIND Fruit and Nut bar (1.29)

ybf beauty Automatic Universal Taupe Eyebrow Pencil (full size! 12.00) 

philosophy® purity made simple™ one-step facial cleanser -8 oz (20.00) 16 oz (32.00)

Redken 02 Shine Flash (travel size)

Korres Shower Gel (19.50)


If you want to try it, let me know, I can send you a referral! 

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed Warhol. 

Did you get a Birchbox? What did you get in yours?!!


Five Things....

  • SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. Okay. I realized this today....I will fast forward through sad parts of Disney Movies. Mufasa dying by the stampede? FF. Nemo's momma dying? FF. Bambi? FF that whole movie. I won't be caught dead watching that.Raja bumping Princess Jasmine across the wall to get out...FF. I cannot stand to see a sad kitty.
  • I found Melrose Place on Netflix... My grandma used to be obsessed with this show. This and Party of Five.
  • Warhol has been in my face like this all day: 
  • Um, why do these people live next to a pool? (Melrose Place)
  • Why were shoulder pads a fashion statement? Tell me please. 


Camels, Giraffes and Zebras oh my...

This weekend we ended up at this little quaint zoo in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This zoo was a little different than most, because you get to FEED the giraffes. Yeah, the big, tall, blue tongued spotted things. I just about died doing this because it was such a great thing (and something I wanted to do for years). I love giraffes, so of course I was going to feed them. (and spend 10 dollars in food for them...) For a dollar, you got two crackers or two ash leaves. I must say the crackers were easier to feed them because you could break them in smaller pieces. Hodari and Zuri loved me, mostly because I came back twice and spent a little over 10 dollars in treats for them. Best experience by far in my life.  
Hodari, thinking the camera was food. 

This is Hodari, with his "Watchu lookin at?" face. 

Hodari was obviously the bigger one of the two, kept stealin' the crackers. (Blue/black tongue anyone??) It felt like a cow's...actually.

Here is his wifey, Zuri. 

Them together---you can tell the difference of height. 

That was all in all an amazing time. I wish I could have taken them home with me. Such beautiful creatures. 

And then at dinner we ended up at a restaurant that had this guy: 

A CAMEL. Humphrey was his name. Like legit in the backyard. Turns out that the owner of the restaurant also owns a petting zoo, complete with Camel, Zebra, Kangaroo and Arctic Fox.

Srsly. What did you do on your 4th of July weekend? Ever pet a giraffe or camel? Ever RIDE a camel? (I didn't ride him.... thank goodness.)


Warhol Wednesday!

Kitteh iz mad. We left him for the weekend and I take it he was bored. Poor baybie.


June Favorites!

1; Laura Geller Bronzer. I got this in my Birchbox and fell in love. Laura Geller's products are pretty faboosh!
2; NARS Orgasm Blush. I bought this about 2 years ago and recently re-found it. Its so glowy without being too much! I love. 
3; Emily Giffin books!! I read both Something Borrowed and Something Blue within 2 weeks. I need to decide if I should read Baby Proof and the other two. 
4; ELF Tinted Moisturizer. This stuff is perfect for Summer. It gives just enough coverage and shows off my freckles from the summer. Yessss!
5; UD Greed Primer Potion. Perfect for summer, just enough pop for your eyes. 
6; Marc Jacobs Daisy. Yum. Srsly, thanks to my hubs I found out how much I love this perfume. 
7; Deborah Lippmann Stripper-to-go. These are awesome on the go because it seems like I chipped my nail polish more than usual this month!

Other favys: Bloody Mary's, tanning lotion, floaty things for the water, big sunglasses, weekends.


Things my Hubs does V. 1

A four hour car ride does this to you. 
Sorry about the shaky camera. This weekend rocked. 
Isn't he such a good singer?
He's going to hate me now. bahaha

What's in my Make-up Bag? (Vacation Edition)

While on vacation, we still want to look fabulous, but we don't want to lug our whole makeup collection with....so I decided to show you all what I chose to bring on my little vacay.

1; Color ELF Powder Brush: Amazing. Seriously. I use this brush for everything. Holy grail brush perhaps?!!
2; Sephora #41 Rounded Powder Brush: This brush is also great. I love to use it for setting everything on my face. Its so big and fluffy.
3; Deborah Lippmann Stripper-To-Go :finally something to use for taking off polish without being messy! AND it smells amazing too!!
4; Bio True solution for contacts. New.Favorite.Saline.Solution. 'Nuff said.
5; ELF Tinted Moisturizer :3.00? Yeah, def cannot go wrong. It doesn't clog my pores and it isn't as heavy as foundation. Good for if its 100 degrees out and your face melts off .
6; UD Primer in Greed: this is great for a primer or just alone. I like to dab a little on my eyes and poof. You're done.
7; Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer: Duh, amazing, makes you happy, makes you tan. Win.
8; NARS Orgasm Blush: Such a pretty color! Goes so nice with the Happy Booster!
9; Benefit Creme Shadow in Birthday Suit: If I don't use Greed, I use this. Love.

Well, that is all I brought on my trip. I didn't wear much makeup because it was 80 degrees out and I was outside 90% of the time. But this is usually what I bring anywhere I travel, because srsly...that caboodle is heavy.


TGIF TGIF TGIF cue Kenny Loggins riiiiight now.

1) This weekend is one of Hubs and I first vacays in about a year. Thank goodness. Where are we going? Cabo? Florida? NYC? Uh, no. Green Bay, WI. 
2) Look what I got from Cassie this last weekend: 
Heck yeah Band Perry! I wish I could have went. They are so good live. 
3) Warhol may melt into the carpet this weekend. It feels like Georgia up in here!
4) I seriously cannot read hardcover books. I won't buy them or anything. They are just too heavy for my weak wrists.
5) Happy Fourth of July everyone! This is my favorite holiday next to NYE.