Must Have Monday!

Mac's Surf Baby My Paradise came out the last week of May. I went online to buy this product the afternoon that it came out. To my surprise it was gone!!! (sob) So does anyone have this and use it? Is it any good?


  1. I don't have it and had never heard of it prior to this post, but I want it. I love the orange with a bit of shimmer!

  2. I Have it! im too scared to use the glitter overspray as its so pretty, but my face is too pale to use just the coral/orange blush! its very very pigmented and bright, maybe a bit too much so for me, but it is a beautiful compact! x

  3. i love that! so gorgeous!

    new follower :)

    Also, I have a giveaway going on here for a $50 headband from Smathers and Branson if you're interested :)

  4. I heard that it is an amazing blush and if used with a very light hand the outcome is amazing. I have been lusting over the blush ever since it came out

  5. wow that was fast! I don't have it but it is super super cute!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com