Hey it's the freaking weekend....

So, I almost didn't post today, but figured... I'm home, I am going to do a new thing on Fridays!! (Yay!!)

1. My grandfather has an airplane. Like, at his house, in his huge garage. That's where I was tonight, hanging out with my family at the farm. It's their anniversary party tomorrow. (50 years!)
2. I am obsessed with Warhol. Seriously, I went into my cell phone and saw that I have over 100 pictures of him and 1 of my hubby.
3. I could really go for some Mongolian Beef right now. Omg I am so hungry.
4. I go on vacation next week. FINALLY. (Who wants to guest blog!!? ha. ha.)
5. I promise to start posting everyday! Okay...maybe every other? :)

If you want to join me with this new Friday thanng, do it. I love reading lists!


  1. An airplane in his garage?! How cool is your GPA!!?!!

    Oh, and Mongolian beef is definitely on of the yummiest foods ever... Now I want some! Haha!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Uh, an airplane?? That's kind of awesome.

    I LOVE this - I'm going to do Five Things Friday with you!!