He wouldn't want us sad....

"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there." ~ Isla Paschal Richardson 

Today was a very hard day for my High School and the Alums. A man who had been there since 1972, taught so many students and remembered EVERYONES name died today. (Example: my mom had him in the 70s and he would say "Hi Gloria" to her everytime he ran into her a the grocery store..seriously!) His name was Mr. Sauer and he was fabulous. He was no ordinary teacher. He taught in a way that got the kids excited about learning. He taught through music, movies, questions and life.

He loved music. The best classes that we had involved Carlos Santana, Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead. Yes. He even took his best students to concerts and music events. (I was included in a couple.) 

Man. I don't even know what to think right now. This teacher changed my life. I was always very insecure about the fact that I was depressed and he made it seem like I overcame something, which in all reality, I did. When I was 15 years old I got up in front of my Psychology class and talked about my depression. After this class a dumbfounded teacher who had no idea I had this secret came up to me and asked me if I would be willing to talk to more classes of his. This went on for 5 years. I became proud of the fact that I was helping people through his classes. 

This teacher, Jim Sauer, changed a lot of people's lives. He made students feel like they mattered. He retired in 2009 and I was expecting many years of gardening, teaching at the college level and running into him at Country Kitchen. That wasn't the case. 
This morning he died. He left behind his amazing family, all of which I went to school with. I remember his youngest daughter (who is still in high school now) erasing her dad's chalkboards during parent teacher conferences. My heart goes out to her. Losing someone so suddenly hits me way too close. I guess what I am trying to say is... 

Dang Mr. Sauer. You made such a huge difference in everyone's lives. I wish I could have said goodbye, but I honestly thought you would pull through this and I would see you at UW-L next year teaching a random class. You made a huge difference in my life and by the looks of all the Facebook Statuses, others too. See you on the other side man... I hope you are having some coffee up in heaven with Richard Wright, Johnny Cash and some of the Grateful Dead members.


Warhol Wednesday!

Mom, git thiz mowse off mah hed. 

I think he may be getting sick of me.


Hey it's the freaking weekend....

So, I almost didn't post today, but figured... I'm home, I am going to do a new thing on Fridays!! (Yay!!)

1. My grandfather has an airplane. Like, at his house, in his huge garage. That's where I was tonight, hanging out with my family at the farm. It's their anniversary party tomorrow. (50 years!)
2. I am obsessed with Warhol. Seriously, I went into my cell phone and saw that I have over 100 pictures of him and 1 of my hubby.
3. I could really go for some Mongolian Beef right now. Omg I am so hungry.
4. I go on vacation next week. FINALLY. (Who wants to guest blog!!? ha. ha.)
5. I promise to start posting everyday! Okay...maybe every other? :)

If you want to join me with this new Friday thanng, do it. I love reading lists!


Warhol Wednesday!

Our new past-time is Scrabble, so when I looked down to put the game away I found this: 

Silly Billy.
(obvis I put the tiles down. He's not that smart.) 


June Birchbox!!

I am trying something different! I actually got out my flip cam and filmed! I am sorry its a little shakey and I have a lisp. I think I have hay fever! (Lame.)

My birchbox came in the mail today. You know how long I have been waiting for it?! Since the 7th!!
I got more random things than what I actually saw on youtube in other people's birchboxes. But I am very happy.

This is what I received in my box: (for full size product prices in parenthesis)

Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go Wipes (12.00)
Kate Spade New York in Twirl (3.4 oz is 80.00)
Laura Geller Baked Blush-n Brighten in Honey Dipped (FULL SIZE IN BOX!!! a 29.50 value!)
Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Molecular Mist (36.00)
Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion (28.00)

DEF doing next month. I love presents!
Did you get a birchbox this month? What came in yours??


San Francisco, How I miss you....(100th blog post)

I used to live in San Francisco. Back in 2008, I was living on Nob Hill going to school. Today I ran across some photos of me from that time. It was probably the best (and worst) time of my life. 

How beautiful was the city? Gorgeous. Was there always something to do? Yes. Did I wish I still lived there? Heck yes. I felt alive in that city. 

I miss some of the people I met there. It was an experience in itself meeting new people. Saddest thing is, I talk to one or two of them now...that's it. 

I did so much out there that I never could imagine I would. Obama became president while I was out there so I was running in the streets at 3AM (hence the group pic...) screaming "Yes we can!" 

I even felt an earthquake tremor...during this picture. It was like if you were spinning in a swivel chair and you stopped and got up...very strange. 

Fisherman's Wharf will always be a favorite. I felt so happy there... 


Baker Beach was always beautiful. It made me realize the beauty of SF. 

I miss SF everyday of my life and hopefully one day I can go back. I wish I documented more and took more pictures, but I didn't...Life has you end up in the weirdest places...and then you come back to where you started out.

Picture found on my computer....not sure where from. 

This is so true. 
One day, I will be back living amongst the diversity.

Have you ever been? What is your favorite part??


Must Have Monday!

Mac's Surf Baby My Paradise came out the last week of May. I went online to buy this product the afternoon that it came out. To my surprise it was gone!!! (sob) So does anyone have this and use it? Is it any good?

It's 100 degrees today. How about for you?

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When it turns 90 degrees I go a little country. Don't hate me.

These are my confessions....

I need to confess some things so you all. I saw this post floating around the blogosphere so I thought I should confess too... 

1: I am completely addicted to watching Arthur. You know, the aardvark from the PBS show? Season 10 and 11 is on instant netflix right now. I watched it every time I would work on my Color and Design class (gag!) 

2: I am slightly obsessed with Marc Jacobs. (I bet you all knew that yeah?) But it reached another level when I found this perfume: 

This perfume is faboosh. For serious. My FI found it at a recent trip to my mothership (Sephora) and said "Hey baby, now you can smell like your purses..." (jokingly) but oh.my.gosh. This perfume is perfect for summer. It has vanilla, strawberry and violet notes. So posh. 

3: Speaking of Sephora...It has been said if I could live there, I would totally take that offer up. Just set my camp up next to Benefit and Urban Decay. 

4: I wish people still liked to send real letters. I love getting real mail.

5: I am still kind of obsessed with AJ McLean.....yep.

6: I will not buy a knock off purse. I can't. I feel like I am cheating on my real purses. 

7: Lastly, I like to go shopping online, but not buy anything. I get a feeling of happiness shopping online, putting it in the cart and then emptying out the cart. (This is probably because I am a poor college student.) 

So, do you have any confessions you want to share?


Summer Lesson 101

UV indexes of 9 are dangerous. And hurt the next day. No matter how much you said it doesn't. I look like a tomato.



I just found out that Benefit Cosmetics is coming out with a new cheek stain! I am wayyy excited for this. Now I just have to wait for it to come out in Sephora!!