Top Five.

So my dear friend, Jessica who blogs over here, just recently did her top five. You know, that thing where Ross has a Top Five "freebie list" where one could sleep with another without their SO getting mad? Yep okay. We are all on the same page. Well I figured I would do my list. 

One: AJ McLean from BSB. 
Um, duh. I mean you all know how obsessed I am with him. Well, not obsessed, but dang. I love.

Two:Justin Timberlake. 
'Nuff Said. PS: He and Gaga will be on SNL this weekend. WIN.

Three: John Stamos. 
Seriously, Uncle Jesse? So hot. Even now that he doesn't have the mullet circa first season of Full House. 

Four: Adam Brody/Seth Cohen
Seriously how can you not love him? He dies in Scream 4. I screamed NOOO in the movie theater when he died.  He was seriously my high school crush. The day OC was cancelled was the day I cried my eyes out. It also happened to be my birthday. Okay, I lied, the day Marissa died was my birthday. But this sucked also.

Five: John Corbett/Aiden Shaw 
I mean, come on! Was I the only one in the movie theater SCREAMING at Carrie to end up with Aiden? I think not. I swoon thinking of him in the Applebee's commercials.

Others that are on my list: Seth Rogen, Nick Carter, The cute Jonas Brother...uhh Joe? Sure. Joe. Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Lautner. 

How about you? Do you have a laminated 5?


  1. Aiden - yes. Jonas Brother - yes. Uncle Jesse? YESSSS.

    Excellent list my friend! I cannot wait for JT on SNL this weekend, he needs to be on that show as a regular. He kills it.

  2. Mmmm Seth Rogen, I'm kind of mad I left him off. I HIGHLY approve of your list!

  3. Ahh Aiden! I love him too!

    But Seth Rogen! NOOO! I couldn't handle his voice...

  4. i love this post! and i completely agree about john corbett, he's definitely a charmer! i think i may have to make my top five list now after seeing this! haha and i love that you added the laminated part, friends was such a great show!

  5. Oooo fun post! I love that you have Seth Rogen on there... he's a cutie pie! I'm obsessed with Matt Damon and Jake Gyllenhaal <3

  6. OMG Aidan Shaw. I'm watching SATC right now... I love him. He's so amazing.