Things I don't regret not buying: ed. 1

Sephora isn't close to me at all, so I usually end up buying everything online. I was going to put in a massive order before my birthday but didn't get around to it. I am glad I didn't. I got to try some of the products yesterday at Sephora in Madison and I was not impressed. Here is what I think you should skip on: 

Sam from The SchuermanShow loves this stuff and I wanted to try it, but when I got to Sephora and swatched it, I looked like this: 

It was too glittery. I felt like I was a disco ball and I could NOT get it off. Soap and water would not remove it....or makeup remover. It was rather disgusting.

Unless you like that look, I wouldn't waste your 16.00 on it.

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  1. good to know. also, i think the disco ball photo is kind of awesome.