Summer Besties!

I am an avid youtube subbie. I am addicted to the gurus and even the non gurus. There is a tag going around youtube started by MacBarbie07 and I figured I would do it too. 

Here are some of the questions: 
1. Fav Blush (Posie-tint: Benefit)
2. Fav Lip Product (EOS: Summer Fruit)
3. Fav Liquid Face Product (Stila Illuminating Face Moisturizer)
4. Fav Eye Product (Benefit Creaseless eye shadow in Birthday Suit)
5. Fav Hair Product (Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray but I made this dupe)
6. Fav Tanning Product (Whisper Tanning Lotion)

So, now that summer is right around the corner do you have some favs?

1 comment:

  1. How did you like the sea spray dupe? I want to make it but only if it works, hah.