Herb garden!

I am not domestic. At. All. But I was going to try and grow something for food this summer. I thought I would show you all how I did it and the finished product. Some of my herbs have grown already because I had them in a tiny green house that I set up. To make chalkboard potting pots you will need: 

1: Chalkboard Paint. (I found this at Michael's)
2 & 3 Different sizes of pots. 

All I did was spray painted the pots (two coats each) and then let them dry. After they dried, I went inside and planted my herbs. This is how they turned out: 
Cilantro for salsas, Rosemary for chickens, Parsley for pretty accents, Basil for Pesto and Chives for tatoes! 

Have you ever tried planting an herb garden? I am afraid I am going to kill them... ha.


  1. hah, I'm horrible with plants. I just got two succulents sooo we'll see how long they last. I'd never be able to keep an herb garden alive :P

  2. I saw herb pots like this at Lowe's and they were (I can't really remember) like $10 each, I love this idea! So easy.