Mike and I made and impromptu trip to the Mall of America and we decided (okay, I decided) to make a trip to LUSH. This is what I bought...

New and Seanik are shampoo bars (amazing) and up you gets is a shower steamer thing. 

Avobath and Big Blue are both bath ballistics. They make your water smooth and soft.

Hippy Chick is a ballistic (limited edition for Easter) and Happy Blooming is a bath melt. Happy Blooming smells like cherry chapstick.

Grass is a shower gel. It legit smells like grass, but if you smell it again, you can smell the wheat grass and citrus. Yummy. Whoosh is a shower jelly which you can use just like shower gel, its just in Jello form. I popped mine in the freezer for a rejuvenating experience.

They were out of Cupcake so I opted for Love Lettuce face mask. You cannot order these online because they are fresh and NEED to be refrigerated. 

I also got a chunk of Sexy Peel soap which was the closest scent to Snow Globe from the winter collection.

The LUSH store in the Mall of America was fab, the girls were great and were willing to help me with anything. I plan on going back during the summer to restock.

I will be doing posts on how to store your LUSH products so if you want to buy anything, you can do it and store it too!

Have you tried anything from LUSH? Do you have favs?

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