I was asked by Layladear from Wish Fulfillment Every Day to show off all my tattoos. So here are all of them. Besides my star, which you saw in the myspace face post, I also have five more tattoos.

The beautiful is on the back of my neck, but I will at one point cover this tattoo up. I hate it. I was stupid and 18. The birds on my foot were right before I flew to California. This one hurt like a beyotch. The three birds are behind my ear, my friend Amanda and I got this together done by her boyfriend who died in a motorcycle accident. It is by far my favorite tattoo. 

This phoenix is on my ribs and this was probably the most painful tattoo of my life. My brother has the same one but his is on his arm. Probably a better idea huh? Lastly is my Love. tattoo. I got this for the to write love on her arms movement. As you all know I used to cut my wrists. I am a huge supporter of the TWLOHA movement. 

So there you go. Those are my tattoos. I plan on getting a couple more and I reallllly want a half sleeve but that probably won't happen. 

Do you have any tattoos?


  1. I've heard of TWLOHA and I love your tattoo!

  2. YES I SURE DID!! Thank you, lady! I love them all honestly. I want one on my ribs (a HUGE one) but I'm scared to do it. Aaaaaand reading this didn't make me any less afraid, lol! Thank you for showing them!

  3. Beautiful! I think its really awesome that you and your brother have the same tattoo! I have one on my back that I got and I'd like to expand into a bigger piece. But, I'm having a hard time committing!

    I'm your newest follower :)