Dupe means to find a cheaper replica of an expensive item. I love dupes especially if I can't get to my local Sephora or MAC counter. Here is my newest one: 

e.l.f Lilac Petal shimmering facial whip is a dupe that I found today while shopping in Target. I bought it in hopes that it was a dupe for Benefit High Beam (my favorite Luminizer EVERRR) so let's look at them together:


The High Beam is a little more pinky than e.l.f, I was a little leery. But then I blended them in...

And look! They are pretty similar huh? 
 The packaging is a little different and I personally like the squeeze bottle better, but you can judge for yourself.
Here's e.l.f:

and here is Benefit:
(its more like a nail polish brush...)

This High Beam has lasted me 3 years, its a little more thick than when I first bought it but it was my go-to highlighter...until recently. It's almost gone and the closest Sephora is 2 hours away. I was glad I found this e.l.f dupe. The e.l.f luminizer is a steep $ 1.00 online and can be found in local Targets. The Benefit luminizer is $ 24.00, so for a $ 1.00 you cannot beat trying this gorgeous highlight. 

Tip: I use it to highlight my cheekbones/brow bone/nose like this:
Do you have any dupes your want to share with me!?? I love discovering new dupes!


  1. I LOVE BENEFIT HIGH BEAM... I'm running low, so I'll definitely check it out before I go and spend another 30 something dollars. Thanks for the test! ;)

  2. I've never known how to use highlighter...thanks for the post! This is the second blog I've read today about E.L.F. I'm going to try it out!

  3. Hello from weddingbee!
    I'm so excited to follow your journey :)

    I love the look of your blog! It's adorable!

  4. I LOVE THIS, going to target at lunch to pick one up! ;) Thanks for the tip lady!

  5. I need this!!! I always use a shimmery white powder to highlight, this sounds awesome.

  6. I love this blog topic idea, so I hope you do more!! I love my Benefit Benetint. I use it to highlight my cheeks, but sometimes I also use it before I put on eyeshadow, sort of as a primer...love that I have a $1.00 alternative to try when I run out though!