The one where I was accepted....

I woke up this morning thinking how much today was going to suck. I was going to make a visit to my grandma's grave to pray and tell her to help me to get into UWL, the school I wanted to transfer to in the fall. Well, before I went, I went to check and see if Rockford College (a college I attended in 05) sent their transcripts. When I scrolled down to the bottom to check I was surprised with this:


Then I went to Twitter to catch up on the feed, because yesterday I took a break. I signed in to this: 

Yep. BACKSTREET BOYS were trending. I will always be a fan of those boys AND I still want to meet AJ. *cough cough AJ if you read this....** haha (right) but my day took a turnaround. Phew. Thank goodness. 

I know my grandma had something to do with UWL. She had to be giving God good reasons for me getting into UWL. 

Thanks Grandma. ;)



I was asked by Layladear from Wish Fulfillment Every Day to show off all my tattoos. So here are all of them. Besides my star, which you saw in the myspace face post, I also have five more tattoos.

The beautiful is on the back of my neck, but I will at one point cover this tattoo up. I hate it. I was stupid and 18. The birds on my foot were right before I flew to California. This one hurt like a beyotch. The three birds are behind my ear, my friend Amanda and I got this together done by her boyfriend who died in a motorcycle accident. It is by far my favorite tattoo. 

This phoenix is on my ribs and this was probably the most painful tattoo of my life. My brother has the same one but his is on his arm. Probably a better idea huh? Lastly is my Love. tattoo. I got this for the to write love on her arms movement. As you all know I used to cut my wrists. I am a huge supporter of the TWLOHA movement. 

So there you go. Those are my tattoos. I plan on getting a couple more and I reallllly want a half sleeve but that probably won't happen. 

Do you have any tattoos?


My thoughts on Scream 4...

So everyone knows that I went to Scream 4 last week for the Midnight showing. Now I was a little leery about doing this considering that in the 2nd one someone dies at the movie theater, but none-the-less I was going to brave the possibility of ghostface killing me.

I have to say that after seeing it (and living), I have to say that I was incredibly impressed.

The story takes place 10 years after the last one, where Sydney is doing a book tour on her book that she wrote about the first 3 movies. It is the perfect slasher movie, making you think that the killer is someone within the first 20 minutes. (We were both wrong.) My favorite character was Kirby, who was played by Hayden Panettiere. I have never liked her actually, until this movie. Basically the movie goes from ghostface killing random people, to people that mean something to Sydney. At the end you will see why. Everyone was back from the original sequel and I liked it like that. The only part I didn't like was when Adam Brody's character died. (I did call it, but seriously I screamed NOOOO when it happened.) I love me some A.Brody. 

I would give this Scream 5 stars. 
Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?

Love Lettuce.

I tried my Love Lettuce today from LUSH and I was pleasantly surprised. Now I just have to use it before it expires by 5/3!!


how to cut and store your bath melts

What you will need:
Ziploc baggies
Sharp knife
Cutting mat or board

You can cut up your melts however you want but this melt has guidelines. (ha ha)

This is why I do it on the baggie, then I can put the baggie inside out to get every little piece.

This one is super easy. Just be careful cutting it, because it is a little more dense than the soap.


I need.

I found this on Louis Vuitton website. Can someone please buy it for me? My birthday is in a month. 

how to cut and store bathbombs!!

This is by FAR the hardest so here you go: 

What you will need:
Ziploc baggies
Sharp knife
Cutting mat or board

IF you do not have a hammer, you will not be able to break the bathbomb at the seam. 

Take the bathbomb on its side and place the knife right on the seam. Next you take the hammer and tap lightly to make a dent with the knife. You can start adding harder taps as you get farther down. Then it should break. It may not break in half perfectly, but that's okay. you can use the excess in the bath too. Just remember to put it in a Ziploc too! This was my finished Avobath:

Next put both halves in different plastic baggies and you should be set! 

You can store everything together or separate, I have never notice smells meshing. I have everything in a plastic tote in my closet! 

Breaking down bathbombs makes the bombs last longer, especially if you have a small apartment tub. 


how to cut and store your LUSH soap

What you will need:
Ziploc baggies
Sharpish knife
Cutting mat or board
Start out by putting your chunk of soap on its side and cut about 1 inch pieces with your knife. (Sexy Peel was a very soft soap, but some are very hard, so be careful!)

It should look like this: 


To store the soap, put it in a plastic Ziploc baggies (three at most) and squeeze out the excess air. Zip it closed and you can remove (if you want) the sticker from the wrapper to identify the soap. 

Store your newly cut soap in any kind of drawer or tote.

Easy huh?!

Warhol Wednesday!

I like to think Warhol is really Andy Warhol reincarnated sometimes because he loves to play in my drawings and when I am drawing and painting for classes. Here is a picture of him after playing with charcoal.

Dirty paws.

myspace face.

Do you remember when myspace was popular? How about those terrible "myspace pictures" you would take all by yourself...or with someone's help, just to be excited to put them on myspace? Well, I took a trip down memory lane and went on my myspace. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

How emo am I? Or can I call this artsy?

Bahahaha, what was I thinking!??!

Hey, at least not all of them are embarrassing....
Do you still have your myspace?



Mike and I made and impromptu trip to the Mall of America and we decided (okay, I decided) to make a trip to LUSH. This is what I bought...

New and Seanik are shampoo bars (amazing) and up you gets is a shower steamer thing. 

Avobath and Big Blue are both bath ballistics. They make your water smooth and soft.

Hippy Chick is a ballistic (limited edition for Easter) and Happy Blooming is a bath melt. Happy Blooming smells like cherry chapstick.

Grass is a shower gel. It legit smells like grass, but if you smell it again, you can smell the wheat grass and citrus. Yummy. Whoosh is a shower jelly which you can use just like shower gel, its just in Jello form. I popped mine in the freezer for a rejuvenating experience.

They were out of Cupcake so I opted for Love Lettuce face mask. You cannot order these online because they are fresh and NEED to be refrigerated. 

I also got a chunk of Sexy Peel soap which was the closest scent to Snow Globe from the winter collection.

The LUSH store in the Mall of America was fab, the girls were great and were willing to help me with anything. I plan on going back during the summer to restock.

I will be doing posts on how to store your LUSH products so if you want to buy anything, you can do it and store it too!

Have you tried anything from LUSH? Do you have favs?


Warhol Thursday

I know I have been a bad blogger this week, but I have Warhol purring to make up for it. I think I am slightly obsessed with my cat.


Warhol Wednesday!

 This weekend it was a million degrees out so Warhol plopped down in front of an open window to catch a breeze. (This was right before the TORDADO SIRENS went off...SO SCARY!)



Uhhh hello, of course I am going to Scream 4! Sooo excited!! 12:01 baby!


Here's a sneak peek of what is to come...



You're the One That I Want...

Happy Saturday everyone! I had a busy day with my God-Daughter so I am chilling on the couch and watching Grease, when I realized how much of a fox John Travolta was.

Like dang.


Goodwill Hunting

Remember books like The Boxcar Children, Sweet Valley High and The Babysitters Club from when you were younger? Well, I walked into the mother load of books today at Goodwill! These are the ones I chose:
That's right! Sooo excited to relive my childhood with these beauties!

Sweet Valley High has come out with a new book called Sweet Valley Confidential which got me to thinking about old books like these. Sweet Valley High: Malibu Summer is going to be fabulous! I can tell by the cover. (ha ha)

I am pretty sure we read The Egypt Game in third grade for school, but I think I really loved it... for 99 cents you can't go wrong!

The Boxcar Children was a staple growing up. I read every single Boxcar book. I even wanted to live in a boxcar at one point. This book was my favorite.

Finally. The best series ever. I grew up reading the "Karen" books, Kristy's little sister and then moved on to The Babysitter Club books when I was older. Do you remember how they were written?! I loved reading them because it looked like someone had "wrote" the first part! 
Now that I know that my Goodwill has books like these, omg, its going to be a weekly thing to see if they get new ones! I'm going to need a bigger bookshelf.

Did you read any of these book series? Do you have a favorite one?



This is what I wake up to every morning. I am so proud of him this week, he started using his scratching post! (He has claws, because declawing cats is so inhumane.) Congratulate him on using his scratching post! 
AND just because I love you guys so much here is an extra pic of him this week!! Nosey old man. Always looking out the window.



Dupe means to find a cheaper replica of an expensive item. I love dupes especially if I can't get to my local Sephora or MAC counter. Here is my newest one: 

e.l.f Lilac Petal shimmering facial whip is a dupe that I found today while shopping in Target. I bought it in hopes that it was a dupe for Benefit High Beam (my favorite Luminizer EVERRR) so let's look at them together:


The High Beam is a little more pinky than e.l.f, I was a little leery. But then I blended them in...

And look! They are pretty similar huh? 
 The packaging is a little different and I personally like the squeeze bottle better, but you can judge for yourself.
Here's e.l.f:

and here is Benefit:
(its more like a nail polish brush...)

This High Beam has lasted me 3 years, its a little more thick than when I first bought it but it was my go-to highlighter...until recently. It's almost gone and the closest Sephora is 2 hours away. I was glad I found this e.l.f dupe. The e.l.f luminizer is a steep $ 1.00 online and can be found in local Targets. The Benefit luminizer is $ 24.00, so for a $ 1.00 you cannot beat trying this gorgeous highlight. 

Tip: I use it to highlight my cheekbones/brow bone/nose like this:
Do you have any dupes your want to share with me!?? I love discovering new dupes!