what's in my bag?

I have seen a lot of bloggers doing this lately like Busy Bee Lauren and ElsieCake. I thought I would do it too because well, I got a new Marc Jacobs bag and HAVE to show it off. Thanks Candace!
This is the inside of my purse. Here is a closer look.
1: My planner. It had more use when I had a job... ha. 2. That is my newest baby: A Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Posh J.J. She is beautiful. Even Miley likes her sister in black! 3. My keys for my car. 4. My favorite (discontinued) Redken Product: Grit Wax. I have like 4 left... (My migraine meds is in that blue thing. Life.Saver. Let me tell you.) 5. That is my newest key ring I was waiting for from this Etsy Shoppe! 6. My random makeup in my purse. 7. That is my gorgeous wallet that CupcakeMAG editor, Casi gave to me when we went to Miami Fashion Week. 

 8. My knock off D&B checkbook cover. 9. More makeup!!! 10. My owl post-its. I leave post-its everywhere. 11. Two pens from Mike's bar that he works at. 12. My I-pod touch and my Blackberry. 13. Fed-Ex receipt and tracking number from my midterm. 14. Lastly my 23820th pair of big sunglasses. I break them weekly. These type are my favorite. 

What's in your bag!?


  1. LOVE this post and LOVE the EOS chapstick!!!!! I must copy this entry sometime soon! :P Have a great weekend! (mrsjyw)

  2. I love your keyring and leopard print key! :)