What I learned from my grandma:

That's my grandma Louise.
My grandma died when I was 13 but I remember a lot about her. She lived right next door, so I was lucky. I got to see her every single day if I wanted.  I remember doing her hair while waiting for "Bert and Ernie" (obvi Sesame Street) to come on; which was usually Thursday, because then she got her hair done for real on Friday. {I probably made her look terribs, but she always let me do it. I wish I could find that big pink pick I used...} I remember going to a local boutique called 5th Avenue where she would look at expensive clothing that she couldn't afford but still bought. I remember going to another store that had my size clothing (I was 4) and that store had an indoor slide. I remember her porcelain doll collection and how I got to play with them even though they were glass. She died suddenly in April of 2001, so it will be 10 years coming up. I wanted to share with you all (things I remember) of what I learned from my grandma.

This is what I have learned from my grandma:
  • Always have your hair done on Friday, so it looks good for going out Saturday and Church on Sunday. 
  • Always use Aqua Net hairspray. (Okay, I really don't do this...but still, hairspray is my friend.)
  • Never go grey. 
  • Red lips are a must!
  • Scarves are one accessory that is a must have! For your head or your neck. 
  • Wear dresses on Sunday. 

While, we're at it here are some more that aren't fashion related:
  • Break up your candy bars. (And HIDE them in the fridge!!) (Or a convenient place that your grandkids can find.) That way you won't feel guilty eating the whole thing in one sitting!
  • Always order from the Schwan's Man you never know when you'll have guests for dinner. (Turned out to be every night, she cooked a lot for us.)
  • Bacon blotted on newspaper always tastes better. 
  • Always order a sandwich with toast instead of a bun, it cuts calories. 
  • This is the best way to drown your sorrows.
I miss you grandma every day. You live on in my name and my style.

xo, elizabethLOUISE


  1. What a lovely and sad post. My only living grandma died when I was 14, so I definitely know that sadness. I love your lists, and definitely agree with the red lips. :)

  2. She sounded just awesome!! I love her rules. Definitely good rules to follow. <3

  3. You're gramma sounds like a very wise woman! I loved this post. :)