Weekend: Dells and meet and greets.

Cassie (sissy), my mom and I went to a concert this weekend. The Band Perry is fairly new, out of TN, all play their own instruments brother sister band. How fab are they:

We drove down to see them at a local (by local I mean like 2 hours...wooh car rides!) Anyone been to Cracker Barrel?

This game is at every table. My mom won it in the first try. 

At the concert, I realized Cassie was wearing two belts. 

The show was fab, they are amazing performers. 

We were the 20th row, but it still was a good show. 
Thank God for ZOOM!!

The only gripe that we both have (sissy and I) is that they had a meet and greet after and it was such a small area that it was mass chaos. I would have loved to meet them, but maybe during the summer, when they play at a local country fest. Tanning and music? I'm there! 
Did you do anything fun on the weekend?


  1. I love this band! I definitely played "If I Die Young" on repeat like 34934437823 times. In fact... i'm going to youtube it now :D

    Glad you had a good time! My weekend consisted of sleep, dreaming, and laying in bed aka pure laziness. :)

  2. OMG! I am so jealous. My Band Perry is one of my favorite bands. :) Silly, when I saw them sing at some country award show while I was at the gym, I started crying. Ridiculous, right? They need more publicity up here in New York. I have to listen to random country stations online to get my fix. Thanks for sharing this!