La La Love!

This week I did a lot of browsing because it was my spring break. It's not Daytona Beach, but whatever!

*I found this little guy on ebay for my ipod touch. The bow is detachable!!! (And in different colors!!!)

*I saw this band live last night in Wisconsin Dells. They are a brother/sister country (yeah, okay, I like country sometimes...) band. 
(Post about yesterday later this week.)

*My friend, Vanny did this blog post about her i-phone. Made me want one even more. ALSO do you see her roommates cat? 

*Speaking of Warhol....we got him this necklace: 
It matches his fur color, so I figured what the heck! (yes, I call his collar a necklace, it sounds more fashionable)

*Elsie from A Beautiful Mess did a post with this gorgeous headpiece that reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. 
Rest In Peace Liz.

*I found this funny Twitter explanation too.
*We just moved and I thought this would be inspirational for wall decor!
*Everyone knows my love of the elderly. I found this by the guy who does the Advanced Style Blog.

Did you find any good links? I want to see them!!!

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