La La Love!

Remember when I said I was going to try and post everyday or every(other) day? Yeah me too. I failed you! Well, after quitting my job (which will be in a new post sometime soon) I have had a lot of time trolling the internet. These are some things I found.
1: I wonder if my sissy would get this matching tattoo with me. I'd pay!
2: Another thing I have been doing a lot lately is watching youtube gurus, which I found one that is totally rad and she has killer style. Her name is Bunny, and you can check out her latest video here. She is pretty amazing if you ask me. She even gave me a shout-out on her video! (Holla to Marc Jacobs!!)
3: I also gave in and got a tumblr. You can find it here.
4: We are moving in a couple of weeks so that means I am getting excited about having A REAL OFFICE. Like legit place to sit down and do homework! YAYYY! I have been in love with office pics lately. Trying to figure out how my style is going to be.
Maybe like this?  Oh goodness gracious. I am excited.
5: I also may have been a tad obsessed with this lately:
If anyone knows how hard it is to find this, you know my reasoning for loving so much!
6: Anyone remember these? I have been obsessed with trying to find mine at my mom's (no luck.) I want my goddaughter to play with them! Soo vintage.


  1. Oh man, is that a Polly Pocket toy!? I'd completely forgotten about those. My sister used to have tons of the things when we were kids. Good luck with the move in a couple of weeks!

  2. just found you through #operationlayla!!!! such an amazing cause!