What I realized tonight

Our power went out at 5:50pm. At approximately 6:00pm, they told us that our power would be back on at 11:00pm, at this time I went into freak out mode. I hadn't showered, dinner wasn't planned and I was in the middle of watching Skins . I literally was like...what now?! 
Today was the day that I realized that I would never be able to make it without modern conveniences. My blackberry is always in my hand, my Mac is always on when I am at home. What is wrong with me? At dinner, Mike wanted to know if I would ever be able to "rough it" in a camping in Canada. Um, no? 

Roughing it to me is a villa at a local campground, with a fire pit in the front. Kind of like this: 
I guess I am very high maintenance in the sense that I will not camp. But I do love the outdoors! I just need a shower...and wifi.... and a cell phone tower.

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  1. Dude....I don't camp. Camping for me is sleeping in a not so great hotel. I'm only high maintenance about three things: hotels/where I sleep, toilet paper and chinese food. I can live with that.