This used to be my life. I passed it on.

My sissy and I went to a concert on Thursday night. (This was right before I caught the flu on Friday, but hey, at least I had fun.) Quietdrive is a band from Minnesota I met back when I was a freshman in college. They were just starting out, touring with random bands. You may have heard of them on John Tucker Must Die.

How short was my hair?! (Circa 2006...)

In high school, I went to a local venue at least twice a week to see bands. I was what I called a "band-aid" I hung out with the bands that came to town and actually "toured" with one of the bands that I met. Let's walk down memory lane, shall we?
This was in 2005. 
RORY's drummer Chris. (They have since broke-up.) 

I followed (with all my close friends) Quietdrive all over the midwest the year that I met them. 
This was in DeKalb, IL. 

My sister took over the title on Thursday night: She played the tambourine on stage with Quietdrive. 
 I taught her well.

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