Lush Bathtime/Showertime

It has been about a month since I got my Lush Haul, so I figured I would give you guys a couple reviews of what I thought! 

Sea Vegetable:
This by far is my favorite soap. The seaweed used in the soap is an amazing exfoliant. The soap smells kind of lemony and salty, very oceany. It has lasted about 10 showers and I still have a chunk left of it. The only downside is that it does dry out my skin. 

This soap was also pretty good to use. The sand is a natural exfoliant. I thought I would have hated the whole sand part of it, but it was rather nice. Smells like lemon hard candy. 

So far I am not impressed by the massage bars, but then again, I haven't used them for "massaging" so maybe I will change my mind.

I also took a lush bath today. It has been a hard week, trying to get on new meds for depression and come off the old ones. I decided to try a bath. I used: 

Ruby Slippers 

I did take pictures of the water, which turned a pink...but they didn't turn out. The bath was very moisturizing and smelled very good. I actually can still smell the bath things I used (7 hrs later)
The only gripe I have is that I live in an apartment, so the bathtub is...very tiny. So I didn't really relax in the bath. This is why I am a shower girl.


  1. Ahhhh you're making me want to go on a Lush binge.

  2. Isn't Lush so awesome? I wish I had a big jacuzzi tub to stretch out in and relax but alas, I don't. Have you ever tried Snow Fairy products by Lush? They smell like girly heaven!