Happy holidays! Now that everything is over and all but one of my grades have came in, I can blog! YAY! What did you get for presents? I got this little guy:

Blogging world, meet Ozzy. He was going to be Onyx, but it wasn't easy to say and I kept forgetting his name and calling him Warhol.

Speaking of Warhol, he is adjusting pretty well, which I was REALLY worried about. Warhol will always be my number one. Here's him with Ozzy:

See? Best fwends. So, what do you think of our new addition?


Presents are my favorite. Esp from my friends.

Kira from Her New Leaf tweeted me that she wanted to send me a present....which made me so excited because I didn't include myself in my blogger exchange!! Guess what I got today?!?!

How adorbs is that?! Its totally Kate Spade inspired!!!

And here's the aftermath....LOOK AT THAT gorgeous scissors necklace!!!

Of course Warhol got in some action too....

I am so happy to have such amazing friends.  Twitter has blessed me this  year.

DIY: T-Shirt Scarf

Dad sent me with a bunch of his old tee shirts from his "I'm a bad ass Harley rider days" and I had no idea what I was going to do with over-sized, vintage tees. I found this tutorial on Pinterest. Here are the steps to create your own!

After you fashion your tee into a circle, take the end that is connected to each strip and fashion a type of thick band with a piece of the left-over tee. Annnnd then it should look like this! 

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezey!!! 
PS: That is another tee that I got from my dad that I am wearing.... 

Do you like DIY things?


Dear AJ McLean....(an open letter to my favorite Backstreet Boy, after his wedding)

So, you got married on Saturday. Do you know how sad that makes me?

Rewind to 1998, where I was quizzing myself on which Backstreet Boy was which in Teen Beat. I loved you. Fast forward one year later....in Madison, Wisconsin. I saw you and the boys on tour with Mandy Moore....I couldn't believe that I was seeing the Backstreet Boys live. While "Everybody" was playing you told the audience to "raise the roof" so we did...I obviously didn't get the memo, because I did it longer than anyone else in my row....and I swear you smiled and whispered something to Kevin. This is when I realized that I was going to marry you...

I am very happy for you, AJ....but also heartbroken. I couldn't wait for you to find me (hey, I am a makeup artist too!) so I said yes to my boyfriend when he proposed. A little while later you proposed to your girlfriend too....oh well. I think she's a better match for you anyways. I am too chicken to get tattooed sleeves and I would get too jealous of the girls on tour. But seriously dude. If you are ever in the Madison, Wisconsin area, look me up. Let's have drinks with our significant others.

The picture that I have seen that Tyler Shields did for you is pretty bad ass...

And you look good together. There. I admitted it. I hope you're happy AJ, because you deserve it. I love you and always will. I heard that Ro and you are moving to the Valley to find a house and get ready to have kids...they will have the coolest parents. I guess it really is over, huh?

Always and forever,

PS: Nick is still single right?


Drink, drank, drunk.

I never go out, like literally never. I have so much going on right now (school, work, internship...) that is impossible for me to have a night off where I can go and enjoy a couple with my friends. A few Fridays ago, we closed the shop early (allowed to because it was Black Friday=dead) and went out for a couple....well a couple turned into 4. Each stronger than the last....with the exception of my Corona, because my GBFF (gay best friend) made me drink.
*I am not usually a drinker... so don't take this personally if you don't drink!*

My first drink was a Margaritni. Ooowee. Strong. Hello Tequila, my name is Liz.

My second drink was a Chocolate Strawberry. Tasted like fruit punch.

By then I was feeling it and decided (not a good decision) to go to another bar. 
Third round was a famous Bloody Mary from a bar a few blocks away. 
Complete with a Chaser. 

At this point I googled the words to Super Bass and was rapping it with my GBFF.

After this drink and basically downing two glasses of water.... (I was feeling pretty good at this point....) My GBFF told me that I should come with him to a gay bar, back up the street.
I did.

Needless to say, It sucked getting up the next morning for work. I think I am too old for that. My 21 year old body could handle mixing liquor and beer, but not my 24 year old body...

Lesson learned....until I finish finals. Then I may do this again...but not on work night.


Warhol Wednesday (Final Exam Edition)

I am the worst blogger ever. I have been soo busy with final exams and work I keep forgetting about blogging. I cannot wait to be done on Monday. Warhol is being a big help with studying too, obvis.


Confesh Sesh: Wednesday.

Dear people at my school,

I will not be wearing makeup today because my eyes hurt and they deserve a break from mascara. Don't hate me.



Go getchu some!

I love this detangler (yes, I know it's made for little kids...) but seriously, it really detangles your hair and makes it smell like apples!!!

AND the octopus is adorbs, jumping rope! I mean, really!


Eyes Lips Face. DUPE ALERT!!

ELF is pretty amazing if you ask me. Everything on this website (and some at Target!!) is cheap and good quality! I love the powder brush, it is dense and really does the job! I would compare it to the Sigma Flat Top!! The tinted moisturizer has good coverage for summer, it is my fav to use for those hot days!

You can even find some dupes within the products: 

and here is a close up of the Browzings dupe!!

Do you use ELF? Do you have an obsession like me?


Warhol Wednesday

This is what I am thankful for. I love this little guy so much. He even watches ID Discovery on Netflix with me.


Birchbox, yo.


Birchbox is probably the best part of getting mail. (Aside from Cosmo, but I haven't have time to read it because of school!!) Wait...you don't know what Birchbox is? Okay. 

Here's the skinny: 
Birchbox is a monthly subscription that you get in the mail in the first two weeks-ish. It's 10 dollars and you get anywhere from 4-5 deluxe sized samples.
Are you intrigued? Cool. Here's a code to sign-up.

So what else do you want to know about this amazing service? 

What's on my face: part 3

I am a Benefit lover for life. The high beam highlighter is probably the first product I tried of the Benefit line and instantly fell in love. A little swipe of this on your cheek bones and you are good to go! The NARS blush I use is obvi Orgasm which is just a perfect pink with a little shimmer. I highly recc' both of these.


Clarissa Darling Called.....

Shenae Grimes, Clarissa Darling wants her outfit back. Please. Acid Wash will never be in again. You should know this.


iPhone 4 change-up.

from weheartit.com
Guess what I got!? Yes, yes its true. I turned in my crackberry for a pretty white iPhone. So far so good, I love it, much better than my crackberry. I was hesitant because I had been with the same carrier for years (since I was 16!!) but so far, I love it. They are helpful, my iphone is pretty and I can instagram, text like a mad woman...and now I need some apps! So what are your favorite? I need to fill up my 16gbs! haha (kidding...mostly)



Shocker. Right? Yeah, not really...so Kris Humph and Kim Kardash head to splitsville... everyone has heard about this, but seriously, I wasn't really thinking/nor caring about it until this morning. I listen to Taylor and Kenny on Cosmo Radio every morning. Those two are hillar in the morning and put a smile on my face. But this morning made my head explode. Like literally. BAM.

So they had a person on this morning to talk about the Kardash divorce. The things that I couldn't wrap my head around but did after I let it mull after the rest of the day.

  • Kris Jenner's book came out today....COINCIDENCE?
  • They just finished filming Kort and Khloe take NYC... at the end of the season Kris Humph and Kim Kardash have a huge fight and I guess they "take a break." Soooooo has this been coming for a while? 
  • The wedding was a hoax. A big publicity stunt. Apparently Kim's camp called the Nets up to ask if there was a single basketball player for her....first they tried the Knicks. 
  • They made over 18 million (through the E! special and the engagement People announcement!!!) They spent 10 million on the wedding.
  • The ONLY people that the Kardash's are commenting though is E! isn't that a little strange?
  • Kim filed for divorce at like, 3am on Monday and she "cried all weekend" in one story, but then another story was that she was seen out with Reggie Bush in NYC... 
  • The other thing that gets me is that this Klan is worth....a lot. With all the books, klothing lines, nail polish lines, perfume lines, shows (how many is it? like, 5?) commercials.... this isn't a big deal to them. If they duped everyone, jeez. 
  • But the one thing that Tay-Tay said on cosmo this morning... Brody Jenner is Kim Kardash's step sib. Brody was part of The Hills. Was this the way that all powerful Kris Jenner was testing the waters with "reality" tv? IS THIS REAL LIFE!? 
I used to love Kimmy, I used to love her whole family. But this is just redic. Isn't marriage sacred anymore? I don't know what I am more angry about...the fact that she made a mockery out of  marriage or that they made BANK off of it. Honestly, I think if this was all a conspiracy, Kim may have really screwed up this time, because people are mad. Even her fans.

Do you care about the Kardash Scandyyyy?

*I really just wanted to write about this, don't take it too seriously, I don't have time to worry about reality tv stars.*


Four things about me {sang in the tune of Miley Cyrus' song 7 Things}

I have become addicted to surveys. Okay. That's a lie, but I have writers block....so this is what you get!

 Four Jobs that you have had:
Salon number 1
Salon number 2
Salon number 3
Salon number 4 (current salon) 
I obvi like salon life? 

Four Movies you could watch over and over: 
The Princess Diaries
Scream 1
Scooby Doo on Zombie Island
Titanic (only till the boat hitting the iceburg)

Four Cities you have lived in: 
San Francisco, CA<3
Rockford, IL
Current City

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Pretty Little Liars
Mike and Molly
2 Broke Girls

Four Places you've been on Vacay:
San Francisco, CA (hey, I went there first for vacay!)
New York City
Nashville, TN

Four Websites you visit daily:

Four of your favorite foods:
My mom's smothered steak
Breakfast Food
Special K Cereal
Supreme Pizza

Four Schools you've attended:
Academy of Art University in SF (Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag met at this school)
Rockford College
Community College
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Four Places you'd rather be right now:
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco


{insert type of clothing} are not pants!

Xtina....Xtina....this is awf... Everyone knows the rule of thumb that Leggings are not Pants, but I guess Xtina thought that tights didn't apply to this rule. Its fall. Wear some pants.

image from Yahoo.com


What's on my face series: part 2

and my eyeshadow:

I like a natural eye look, which I wear every.single.day pretty much. I really actually hate wearing eye makeup everyday because it hurts my eyes. (My eyes are like, most sensitive things of life!!) I usually wear Sin from the NAKED Palette from UD. I really like the Lash Injection from Too Faced, but I would love to hear your favs!!! I want to buy this mascara bad: 

Has anyone used this kind before? Do you like it? Is it worth it? Am I asking too many questions?


What's on my face series: part 1

This is what I use everyday on my face. Erase Paste is for my circles and zits, which blends nicely and stays on all day. Next,"that gal" is a primer I use for my T-Zone, I find it seems to help keep the oily skin at bay. Lastly, I have been using up my Stay Matte Foundation from Rimmel. I really want to try a new foundation after I am out of this. Any suggestions??


Warhol Wednesday (is back!)

He is begging me to not put a costume on him for Halloween. The jury is still out. 


TV chat Tuesday: Awkward.

I am OBSESSED. Anyone hear of the show Awkward. on MTV? Its a mix of "My So Called Life" (hello, Claire Danes!) and "Sex and the City".....

So let's play catch-up. 

Awkward. is about this social outcast named Jenna Hamilton, who during summer vacay slept with the school's jock, Mattie McKibben and starts a hush-hush relationship with him. Meanwhile, she gets a letter from an anonymous person saying that she should kill herself. Accidentally she does hurt herself by falling in her bathroom, but it is misconstrued into a suicide attempt at school. She goes back to school and has to face the worst: her peers. Everyone thinks that she killed herself, so she turns out to be a bigger social outcast then what she used to be. 
Then basically it goes through her life and she is blogging (and narrating) her life. The boys in this show are adorbs and I have caught myself saying Jenna's nemesis, Sadie's catch phrase: "you're welcome" one too many times. 
So if you can catch up On-Demand or online, do it. It is hillar.


Mail is my favorite thing to get.

Biiiiirchbox! It's that time of month again! This month is centered around making your look polished and pretty. So without further ado: my Birchbox!!!

Mine contained: 

Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze--to look tan without the harmful rays!

Clark's Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask--which for a big size of it is 72.00!! (Must be made of gold...)

The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo---for your clothes, obvi not your hair... 

Anastasia Beverly Hills HydraFull Gloss--no doe-foot applicator! Its a new harder silicone paddle! (LOVE!)

Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment--for fly aways, heat protectant, anything to hydrate your hair!
Did you get Birchbox this month? What was in yours?! I love to compare. 


Carrie Bradshaw is my therapist.

I love Carrie Bradshaw. Wait, whats that a shocking statement or anything? She is who I wish I was, down to the shoe addiction. (Even though I really hate shoes...) Carrie (and her friends)  have taught me so much in life. Reruns on Style network remind me of the lessons I have learned.

1. If you have to choose between Vogue and eating, choose Vogue. It feeds your soul.
2. Wearing pearls to bed is completely acceptable.
3. All shoes need homes.
4. Ovens can make good sweater storage. Who are you kidding? You cannot cook.
5. All you need in life is best friends. They can keep you sane while you're going through divorce, cancer, breakups and makeups.
6. Clearly, talking to yourself is healthy.
7. Don't move to Paris with your lovah, I mean, who are you kidding?
8. Being fashion roadkill works for some people.
9. Fake Fendi is easy to spot....wait...or is it?
10. Cosmos are always in style, even if you started the trend, don't jump off the bandwagon.

So did Carrie teach you any life lessons? Who are you most like? Miranda, Sam, Charlotte or Carrie?


A, B, C...1,2,3...

Linking up to Scenic Glory! This is floating around the blogger world....and I want to feel like I have a myspace again....so here it goes!!

Everyone has been doing this...so I figured I can too. Humor me won't you? 

A. Age: 24....but I feel like I am 80.
B. Bed size: King, but Mike's a bed hog.
C. Chore that you hate: There isn't really one that I like... so, I say all of them. Dishes suck, but mostly because I do dishes at work too...
D. Dogs: Warhol. I call him puppy somedays. He comes to me. He's part dog.
E. Essential start to your day: Going through my BB, all tweets and emails...I can't get up unless I do that.
F. Favorite color: Marc Jacobs Purple.
G. Gold or Silver:  WHITE gold.
H. Height: 5'9, Imma tally.
I. Instruments you play: I played piano...I can still play heart and soul.
J. Job title: Receptionist/slave at a salon.
K. Kids: Again, none. Well, Warhol can count. He is needy like a child.
L. Live: Wiscon reppin!
M. Mother’s name: Gloria.
N. Nicknames: Liz, Lizzybell, Beth, Lizzy, Lizzie, Tin Lizzy, Sissy.
O. Overnight hospital stays:  I hate hospitals.
P. Pet peeves: Sitting backwards in restaurants, I need to face the way the most people are coming from. Dirty hair. Channel surfing.
Q. Quote from a movie: I can quote all of Princess Diaries....
R. Right or left handed: Right.
S. Siblings:
Joshie-washie and Sissy. Both younger.
T. Time you wake up: Usually like, 6 am.
U. Underwear: Yes. 
V. Vegetable you hate: Middles of lettuce.
W. What makes you run late:  Traffic.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Thumb, back, neck...
Y. Yummy food that you make: Mike cooks. Duh.
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffes and Elephants. OH and all farm animals.


Songs of 2000s.

Hi yall! Long time huh? I am so sorry I left you. I promise to try and get my Sundays back and start blogging again. I meess yewws. 

So, I was flipping through channels tonight, trying to find something to watch while I do my ERS homework, when I come to VH1. The greatest songs of 2000 are on!!! I loved the 90's thing, so heck yes I am crazy into it. But it was already on part 4, so I kind of cheated to see the best songs. I assumed that my husbands from high school, oh, you know, the Backstreet Boys would be on the list. 

Nstink I mean N'SYNC was on the list...so naturally, obvis BSB would be too. I was WRONG. 
They weren't even on it. Wait, like wha?! 
The One came out in 2000!
Shape of my Heart came out in 2000!
The Call came out in 2001!

Dang it. I realize that tonight, they kind of faded out after 1999. Whatevs. I still love them. Every single one of them. 

Even if Kevin left the group. 
And AJ is marrying his makeup artist. 


My first MAC purchase!

Being a poor college student, I can rarely afford MAC and go to the MAC counter when new lines debut, but when I got the chance to go to The Cosmetics Company Store in Wisconsin Dells, I said "Baby bring the check card!" haha but seriously, I thought I was going to buy a lot there....but I actually only bought one thing: 
It was from the Venomous Villians Collection, in the color Strange Potion.
I think the queen from Sleeping Beauty? Is it bad that I don't know this?? OH. Yep. She's from Snow White! Poison Apple....its all coming back to me. The color is very pretty, kind of a coral and smells like vanilla. 
The only thing I don't like is the doe foot applicator, because I think they are cheap... but everything else is perfect. If all MAC products are like this, I totally will use them! 
And because it was from the CCS that means: 
I love makeup, but sometimes (most of the time)my money goes towards a man I am in love with: Marc Jacobs.


Things I have learned in the first two weeks of school.

  • Caffeine-you may not like drinking coffee, but you become addicted. Like, bad.
  • Underage kids think they are cool. Especially when they are talking about beer. I really hope I wasn't that naive when I was 18.... 
  • Get a parking pass early. Otherwise you will be walking halfway across campus every.single.day. 
  • When you are engaged and almost 25, you really have little in common with the student body. 
  • Your social life really becomes non-existent.
  • Go to class. Bring your books. 
  • GET A BACKPACK. Who cares if you look dorky. Your Betsey Johnson cannot carry your 10391309 lb books. 
School is tough, I won't lie. But I am trying to make my university my bitch and graduate...after 6 years of being wishy-washy. Class of 2013 hopefully!

Do you have any tips for me? Should I do a study sesh post with tips? Sunday will now be my blog day/laundry day/homework day.


Big girls got to stick together!

Last night, I did miss the Emmy's...I know, I don't even know who I am lately! But I did keep checking winners while doing my laundry... my main girl Melissa McCarthy won Best Female Actress in a Comedy for Mike and Molly {Mike and my favorite show!!!} She is hillar.


{high pitched tone} BIRCHBOX!!!!!

I swear everyone that loves Birchbox and makes videos goes "Look what came today??! {high pitched tone} Birchboxxxxx!!!"  I guess it makes everyone that happy. 

This month was their birthday so they had a "special surprise" for you. But it wasn't any different than any other month. HB Birchbox! 

I got: 

Pangea Organics Facial Cream for Normal to Combination Skin 

Smells really good and is organic! Always a plus. 

LIV GRN C2C Fragrance Collection in Earth 

Also a very "earthy" smell. 

Incoco® Nail Polish Appliqué 

Whoo hoo! I love the concept of Nail Polish Stickers. 

Jouer Lip Enhancer

I read more about this...it seems like it is a lip plumper, but naturally? Cool. It guarantees no tingly sensation.

and a Friendship bracelet.