Santa, baby, I've been an awful good girl!

As I type, we have a blizzard in effect for the whole county/counties around me until 12PM tomorrow. I figure I should make my Christmas list. First of all, I am more of a fan of giving that receiving, but Santa is making me make a list. 

I found this gorgeous headband on ETSY. Untamed Petals has great hair accessories, which would be perfect for my (recently) short hair. 
I also decided I need new makeup. (Well, really I don't but I like makeup...) I need to be sparkly most of the time so when I found this on Sephora.com I was in love.

I try and travel a lot, but when I cannot sleep on planes or recently at my community accupuncture appointment, I get grumpy. I found this at fredflare.com and hope that someone puts it in my stocking this Christmas.
I am a LUSHIE and still need more LUSH products. I had to put this on my wishlist. 

I had a phone like this one when I was little, It didn't work or anything, but this one would work and go perfect on my desk.
This next wish list item is more for Warhol than me. He is an avid box sleeper, so I thought that this would be a cool present for him. 

I would ask for another Marc Jacobs bag, but I feel like I already am neglecting my other Marc Bags, so I will wait until my birthday to ask for another. 
So, what is on your wish list?

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