I am not a patient person.

It took over 2 weeks and a handful of days to get this haul, but none-the-less, I am very excited to show you all my haul. 
So there's everything wrapped. Thank goodness they wrap everything very well, because this is how the box was intact: 
I wasn't very happy about UPS and how they shipped this, but whatevs I guess. That's a whole 'nother post. 

Warhol was very excited about a new box, even though its too small for him. 
 This is my favorite so far: It smells amazing. 
This one smells okay: I think it'll smell better on. 
I think Santa's mustache melted enroute. 
The rest are wrapped because they were very crumbly. 
Oh that one isn't wrapped because I was so excited about how big this bubble bar is!!
And I just decided to show one soap bar because they look exactly the same. 
Now I am off to take a shower!!!
(I have never been this excited to take a shower.)
I think I am going to use HIWTK and the Honeymooner.

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