I am a LUSH.

Not really, I like my occasional glass of wine (mmm Cupcake Vineyards) but that's not what I meant. I am obsessed with LUSH Cosmetics. For those of you who don't know what LUSH is soaps, bubble bars, bath bombs and lotions made from organic fruits and veggies, not tested on animals, no preservatives and basically when you walk in a store, its like a deli of soaps. 
I went on a little shopping spree on Black Friday (FREE SHIPPING!!) and this is what I bought. Everything is still on the UPS truck....hopefully being sent to me by Monday. 

First is all soaps I have heard about (or wanted to try)

Snow Cake:
Smells like marzipan. (or so I am told) It is also super moisturizing which is amazing for me, considering I live in the frozen tundra. 

Snow Globe: 

Limey and fresh. Helps with Seasonal Depression. SCORE for me. I am trying to quit tanning. (I heard its bad for you. ;)) 

Honey I Washed the Kids:
OMG. I fell in love in SF when I went to the LUSH store. It smells like toffee and honey!


This smells like bubblegum and is very similar to another type of soap called Rock Star.

Sea Vegetable:

Oh my word, this has seaweed and sea salt in it. I am super excited to see how this works. I have heard mixed reviews, maybe Mike will try it? I also am trying

These last two came in a pack...which was cheaper than buying both! 

Now onto the rest of my LUSH things: 
A LUSH shower scrub called it has coconut oil and free trade sugar in it (yummyyy)
Sugar Babe:

Now onto the massage bars (which are basically bars of lotion) amazing if you ask me!!
Once a Year:
Which is cuuuute, it has a sparkly Santa Mustache and smells like BOOZE!!

Each Peach (and Two's a Pair):
Which lifts your spirits (says the website) and has lime, mandarin and orange in it.

Soft Coeur (the honeymooner):
Which goes well with HIWTK and has a little chocolate in the middle!!
Last but not least I got two bubble bars (I don't take many baths but I heard amazing things about these products)
The Comforter: 
It is as big as your hand and smells like black currants. This will last at least six baths!!

Lastly, this is a holiday product that I wanted to try: 
Ruby Red Slippers: 
The bubbles become gorgeous ruby and sparkle! Perfect for my fashionista soul!
Now remember, I haven't received these products yet, but I just needed to share what I will be getting. I will be doing reviews on every product, so everyone is educated on this little gem I found called LUSH. 

Has anyone else become a LUSH? 

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  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW SITE (first of all!) LOL!!!! It's so you. Is it weird that I think I know what's "you?" Because I don't care if that's weird cause IT IS. OH and PS on the blogroll list- SO HONORED to be included! I gotta make mine! But you can update mine to just kjpugs.com since I self-hosted :)

    And I had never heard of Lush!!! Which means, now I'm going to be obsessed. DRAT. I can't wait to hear how everything is... please keep us updated!