Yes, I know I haven't done a La La Love post in a while, but trying to get all back in the groove after San Francisco and catching up on school, I feel like I have been neglecting everyone lately. So here is a La La post for you:

Marc Jacobs silly bandz. Is it bad that I want them? You can get them here.  Because I am definitely going to contemplate getting them.
This is the cutest little (big) rabbit with a mustache everrrr.

I wanted a bulldoggie there for a while, but I decided to wait until we have a bigger place. But I could settle with this cute bank from Urban Outfitters.

I have become a Lush addict lately. I love everything in the store and decided my next apartment will have an amazing bath. The product listed is Honey I Washed The Kids... it smells devine.
I came across this cupcakery located in California. I have no idea how to feel about this. You be the judge.
I found this DIY cupcake game for kiddies too, pretty amazing.

We sadly have no room for a tree this year, so I told my FI that I wanted to get this: 
a Charlie Brown Tree! You can find them at Menards and Fred Flare. I still haven't convinced Mike.


Pop Quiz. What city was Princess Diaries set in?

Who said San Francisco? You are right. That's also where I will be jet-setting off to next Wednesday. For all who didn't know...I used to live in the beautiful city by the Bay. I lived there for a semester. San Francisco is beautiful (for those who have never been) and there is always something to do. Hopefully we will be doing a lot when we visit. So far on the list is:

Musée Mécanique 
Sudachi (my fav sushi place!!) 
Ferry Building
Kara's Cupcakes 
Pier 39 with the Sea Lions

AND hopefully if the weather permits: 
Baker Beach

I cannot wait to get there. This city has my heart.