Sometimes school is fun....

Six years and counting, changing schools three times, changing majors more than I can count, I finally am doing what I want to do. I am a Fashion Journalism major online at a school based in SF.

I had to stylize a shoot for a FOB part in a magazine for my midterm this weekend. I used my sister like always, stylizing a man's button up white shirt. These are the photos I got.

 And then of course we stopped by our local ice cream shoppe. It was 81 today! 
Excuse my chipped thumb. I blame my Blackberry. 
Sisterly BBs. 
Then we decided to find one more doorway and call it a day. 
I hope I get an A. What did you do this weekend?


  1. Your blog is very cute!! I love all of these pictures! Your sister is so pretty, and I love the look you styled! Cuteness!

  2. i LOVE the way you styled your shoot!! i am new to your blog and think it is lovely!!

  3. I love doing school online! Works best for me.
    Like the outfit :)