Personal post: My auntie

I got phone call from my mom today saying my aunt was in the hospital again. This is a thing that happens about five times a year...maybe even more. You see, my aunt has been sick all her life. She has had diabetes (she got a pancreas transplant), she has had two kidney transplants (my grandpa gave her one and it failed, then her husband gave her one...its stayed good) because of these transplants, she has to take anti-rejection drugs. This makes her immune system very weak. Because of her diabetes, she had part of her foot amputated (bad circulation). A couple of years ago she had knee surgery (she wanted to dance for her 50th birthday) and the knee surgery didn't go very well. She ended up with a staph infection and almost died.

So tonight I was told by my mom that she may have had a stroke yesterday. They were going to do more tests tomorrow.
My auntie has been there through everything. She bought me my little macbook when I found out I was accepted to AAU, she drove me to California for school and would send me cute little care packages. I taught her how to text, I taught her how to skype. She was the one who came and got my apartment stuff from California.... she got me my little orange car... She is so amazing to me.
We drink wine on weekends and watch Laverne and Shirley. So I hope she's okay. Can everyone do me a favor and pray? She's really special to me.

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  1. Praying for your aunt Girlie :( I hope you get good updates!