Bulldoggies. One day I will get one. I just am waiting for a bigger house, more money....and maybe a yard.
Tattoos. I have been craving some new ink. Just now that my tattoo artist died in a motorcycle accident, his protege is taking his clients and is super busy.
Make-up. I don't wear much of it, but I LOVE it. Benefit is my favorite line. That and Urban Decay.
Mike and Molly. The new show on CBS on Monday nights. Its fabulous.
Last but not least...my hair is fried. Lately I have been coloring my hair once a month or even less.. and I went through a pink hair phase... so I needed a deep conditioning treatment. I am a Redken girl all the way, but couldn't wait to get the deep conditioning I needed. So I found this:
This amazing. I am in love with this 4.00 product. It makes you hair all soft like and the packaging is adorbs.


  1. I don't think i'd ever get a tattoo, i'm horribly afraid of needles, but I love the one on your thumb!

  2. CUTE tattoo in that photo up there.
    Also? I've used that Aussie stuff before and it didn't really do anything to my hair. Hmph. Maybe my bottle was a dud.