Dear Dexter,

Dear Dexter creators/producers/writers,
I accepted that you killed off Rita last season in Trinity's final killing before Dexter offed him. I accepted that the kids moved in with their grandparents after Rita died. I accepted that Julia Stiles was going to be in the show...okay maybe I haven't accepted that yet. (Tell her to wear a bra.) But I cannot accept that Dexter is getting sloppy with kills. First, he killed an innocent in the first episode!? What was that about!? Second, When he was killing Boyd, did Lumen see him? (She kind of hinted she did...) Why did you write that in?! I was under the impression that Julia Stiles was going to be the nanny for Harrison. Obviously, she isn't. Disappointment. This show now gives me anxiety and bad dreams. My FI has stopped watching it completely. What is Lumen and Dexter going to do now? Fight crime?! I am not happy with how this show has turned out and I hope it gets better in newer episodes. If it doesn't it will be season 3 all over again. (The season I didn't watch....)

Not happy with Dexter's new Stile (ha, get it?)

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  1. I didn't see last week's episode but yes, I'm also just as confused/frustrated. Like how did that first kill not get on the news and get investigated already? And I hate Julia Stiles. Almost more than I hated Rita. This whole Lumen thing is nuts. My LEAST fave season was season 2 (with Lila... UGH gross) not sure why you disliked season 3! Jimmy Smits was great!!! Although it was frustrating to watch him almost ruin stuff. We need to Dexter chat more often.