Personal post: My auntie

I got phone call from my mom today saying my aunt was in the hospital again. This is a thing that happens about five times a year...maybe even more. You see, my aunt has been sick all her life. She has had diabetes (she got a pancreas transplant), she has had two kidney transplants (my grandpa gave her one and it failed, then her husband gave her one...its stayed good) because of these transplants, she has to take anti-rejection drugs. This makes her immune system very weak. Because of her diabetes, she had part of her foot amputated (bad circulation). A couple of years ago she had knee surgery (she wanted to dance for her 50th birthday) and the knee surgery didn't go very well. She ended up with a staph infection and almost died.

So tonight I was told by my mom that she may have had a stroke yesterday. They were going to do more tests tomorrow.
My auntie has been there through everything. She bought me my little macbook when I found out I was accepted to AAU, she drove me to California for school and would send me cute little care packages. I taught her how to text, I taught her how to skype. She was the one who came and got my apartment stuff from California.... she got me my little orange car... She is so amazing to me.
We drink wine on weekends and watch Laverne and Shirley. So I hope she's okay. Can everyone do me a favor and pray? She's really special to me.



This video was on Srsly Liz link bytes a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love. 

Also, I found out that Nordstrom's Rack is now online!! Which is AMAZING. & I found this:

I wonder if the dog comes with this collar? 

One of my new Marcs. I refer to him as a person. I really have a problem.
Can I have this closet? Pleaaaase? I had a closet like this when I lived in the city.  

I want to start recieving mail. Who wants to be my penpal? I hate just getting junk mail and bills.


Dear Dexter,

Dear Dexter creators/producers/writers,
I accepted that you killed off Rita last season in Trinity's final killing before Dexter offed him. I accepted that the kids moved in with their grandparents after Rita died. I accepted that Julia Stiles was going to be in the show...okay maybe I haven't accepted that yet. (Tell her to wear a bra.) But I cannot accept that Dexter is getting sloppy with kills. First, he killed an innocent in the first episode!? What was that about!? Second, When he was killing Boyd, did Lumen see him? (She kind of hinted she did...) Why did you write that in?! I was under the impression that Julia Stiles was going to be the nanny for Harrison. Obviously, she isn't. Disappointment. This show now gives me anxiety and bad dreams. My FI has stopped watching it completely. What is Lumen and Dexter going to do now? Fight crime?! I am not happy with how this show has turned out and I hope it gets better in newer episodes. If it doesn't it will be season 3 all over again. (The season I didn't watch....)

Not happy with Dexter's new Stile (ha, get it?)


I must like feet...

I actually hate feet.

I must like shoes.



Bulldoggies. One day I will get one. I just am waiting for a bigger house, more money....and maybe a yard.
Tattoos. I have been craving some new ink. Just now that my tattoo artist died in a motorcycle accident, his protege is taking his clients and is super busy.
Make-up. I don't wear much of it, but I LOVE it. Benefit is my favorite line. That and Urban Decay.
Mike and Molly. The new show on CBS on Monday nights. Its fabulous.
Last but not least...my hair is fried. Lately I have been coloring my hair once a month or even less.. and I went through a pink hair phase... so I needed a deep conditioning treatment. I am a Redken girl all the way, but couldn't wait to get the deep conditioning I needed. So I found this:
This amazing. I am in love with this 4.00 product. It makes you hair all soft like and the packaging is adorbs.

10 funny habits + guilty pleasures

Elsiecake posted this blog entry a few days ago and I thought that it would be fun to do this as well. Especially since I am starting out my blog and you guys need to know more about me.

1. I DVR Sabrina the Teenage Witch everyday. I have seen every episode at least 20 times. I absolutely adore the black cat, Salem.
2. I never answer my phone. (Terrible habit) but I hate talking to people on the phone who have nothing important to say. I hate awkward silences.
3. I am allergic to watermelon. If I eat it my throat will swell up and my lips look like Lisa Rinna's.
4. If one of my nails is chipped off, I pick all of them off.
5. I wake up in the middle of the night and check my phone. (to catch up on twitter and facebook)
6. I ask for extra pickles on everything.

7. I say Lesterday instead of Yesterday. It all started in high school, when I got last night and yesterday jumbled together, then I just started saying lesterday.
8. My guilty pleasure movies are slasher movies. Like Scream, Urban Legend, I Know What You Did Last Summer....
9. I have a weird obsession with "What's in you Purse" blog posts, youtube videos... pics... I have no idea why.
10. I have to sit facing the way with most people or facing a door in a restaurant. Probably the weirdest thing about me.


Sometimes school is fun....

Six years and counting, changing schools three times, changing majors more than I can count, I finally am doing what I want to do. I am a Fashion Journalism major online at a school based in SF.

I had to stylize a shoot for a FOB part in a magazine for my midterm this weekend. I used my sister like always, stylizing a man's button up white shirt. These are the photos I got.

 And then of course we stopped by our local ice cream shoppe. It was 81 today! 
Excuse my chipped thumb. I blame my Blackberry. 
Sisterly BBs. 
Then we decided to find one more doorway and call it a day. 
I hope I get an A. What did you do this weekend?


Show me your desktop!

I saw this blog entry while doing my homework...OKAY I WAS ON TWITTER...from little chief honeybee so I figured I would try this. Show me your desktop! (Just like a what's in my purse...and everyone knows I am addicted to those!)

My homework is all over the desktop and my picture is from graffiti by my apartment in SF. The language on the pink sticky is a tattoo I want to get... How about you show me your desktop now too?



Life is hard enough without having people calling names and being mean. Why does everyone have to be so harsh to each other? This video is amazing. This video speaks the truth. It is also done by the one person I would fall on the floor and die if I met him.