25 things.

1) I live on my Blackberry. I wish I could find an i-phone with good service in Wisconsin.
2) My guilty pleasure is Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I dvr episodes on ABCFamily and watch them when I get home from work at night.
3) My brother is walking me down the aisle for the wedding.
4) I have met some of my best friends on Twitter. I wish they lived closer.
5) AJ Mclean is my favorite Backstreet Boy, if I met him, I would probably cry, fall on the floor and die.
6) I don't have any of the blogs I read on bloglovin or google reader...I just go down the line of my bookmarks and read each one daily. I read about...15-25.
7) I really don't have a best friend. They have either moved away, became too involved in their own lives....etc.
8) I love Blue Diamond Wasabi and Soy almonds.
9) I lived in San Francisco the fall of 2008. I miss that semester of college everyday of my life.
10) I hit my head on the edge of a bed when I was 4 running to see my dad. I have a scar on my eye brow that looks like I over plucked a part.
11) My biggest goal in life is to be a successful writer.
12) My second biggest goal is to become the next Carrie Bradshaw.
13) Related to that, I wish I was as witty as Carrie B.
14) I have never been this happy in my life ever. I love my fiance, my cat and my life. The only thing that I would change is make time go faster so I can get married/graduate/move somewhere warm.
15) I love the game Catch Phrase. It is even better when my dad plays.
16) I have a real Marc Jacobs. I paid 84 dollars with shipping on ebay.
17) I love black olives.
18) I have driven to Florida 3 times with my family on family vacations. One of the times we went on a Cruise to the Bahamas, ironically on the same day my dad got married. Needless to say we didn't attend his wedding.
19) I only wear flat shoes. I hate being tall. I am about 5'9 without shoes.
20) I was addicted to tanning three years ago, I looked like a carrot.
21) My favorite part of my job is the little old ladies that get roller sets. (I work at a salon.)
22) I have thought about going back to school after I am done for my fashion journalism degree to do hair.
23) I hated Rocky Horror. I love Rocky Horror on stage.
24) All my tattoos are black. I have yet to get one with color in it.
25) I am becoming a homebody. That needs to quit.


  1. #5 made my laugh :) Cute list missy!

  2. Fun list! I also have a scar on my eyebrow... 2 actually. I have one because a computer speaker fell on me and the other one is from opening a car door into my face. I am smooth. :)

  3. I don't have a in-real-life best friend either. Just ones in other states away :(

    I also love almonds!!! Tamari are my fave.

  4. what a great list! great blog too, newest follower :)