25 things.

1) I live on my Blackberry. I wish I could find an i-phone with good service in Wisconsin.
2) My guilty pleasure is Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I dvr episodes on ABCFamily and watch them when I get home from work at night.
3) My brother is walking me down the aisle for the wedding.
4) I have met some of my best friends on Twitter. I wish they lived closer.
5) AJ Mclean is my favorite Backstreet Boy, if I met him, I would probably cry, fall on the floor and die.
6) I don't have any of the blogs I read on bloglovin or google reader...I just go down the line of my bookmarks and read each one daily. I read about...15-25.
7) I really don't have a best friend. They have either moved away, became too involved in their own lives....etc.
8) I love Blue Diamond Wasabi and Soy almonds.
9) I lived in San Francisco the fall of 2008. I miss that semester of college everyday of my life.
10) I hit my head on the edge of a bed when I was 4 running to see my dad. I have a scar on my eye brow that looks like I over plucked a part.
11) My biggest goal in life is to be a successful writer.
12) My second biggest goal is to become the next Carrie Bradshaw.
13) Related to that, I wish I was as witty as Carrie B.
14) I have never been this happy in my life ever. I love my fiance, my cat and my life. The only thing that I would change is make time go faster so I can get married/graduate/move somewhere warm.
15) I love the game Catch Phrase. It is even better when my dad plays.
16) I have a real Marc Jacobs. I paid 84 dollars with shipping on ebay.
17) I love black olives.
18) I have driven to Florida 3 times with my family on family vacations. One of the times we went on a Cruise to the Bahamas, ironically on the same day my dad got married. Needless to say we didn't attend his wedding.
19) I only wear flat shoes. I hate being tall. I am about 5'9 without shoes.
20) I was addicted to tanning three years ago, I looked like a carrot.
21) My favorite part of my job is the little old ladies that get roller sets. (I work at a salon.)
22) I have thought about going back to school after I am done for my fashion journalism degree to do hair.
23) I hated Rocky Horror. I love Rocky Horror on stage.
24) All my tattoos are black. I have yet to get one with color in it.
25) I am becoming a homebody. That needs to quit.


My weekend: Deep Fried and Barn Animals

Yes, I am a fashionista first, but a farm girl at heart. I grew up with cows, cats, horses and dogs on my grandparents farm. So its only natural for me to go to the County fair every year to relive my past. 
Deep fried foods before I go on my strict diet tomorrow (even though this was Mike's). Funnel Cake, a fair staple.
These were the french fries I missed while I was in San Francisco the most. I asked my brother to send me some via Fed-Ex as a joke. Hubs fries are fresh cut, fresh fried in peanut oil and served in a sno-cone cup. Meanwhile, the other deep friend goodness are cheese curds, totally a Wisconsin food. (AND the reason why we are obese....)
BY FAR my favorite food this weekend. The gyros. As many of you know, I had a wager going with my fiance that I wouldn't make it being a vegetarian. I did succeed a week, but I started feeling really sick-so I went to my doctor and asked questions about vegetarianism. She said that it would be harder for me to do since I have an iron deficiency. I have ate meat, but not as much, but I have to say gyros are probably my favorite food at the fair. The meat used is a mixture of beef and lamb made by a greek man who lives in the area. I took mine with no onion. So. Good. (and healthier than fried foods!) 

We did see animals in between the snacking and shopping. I have a soft spot in my heart for cows.
This gal loved getting scratched. Mike told me this cow which is a brown swiss and my brother Josh told me that it has a higher milk fat content, which makes their milk more expensive! Didn't even know! 
I love babies. Because they are so curious and lovable and lick everything. I swore this one wanted to eat my engagement ring. 
This guy was defying his parents with nose jewelry.
These flowers are my favorite. My grandmother use to have "prize gladiolas" in her garden. One day I hope to get a tattoo of one.

And then just for fun: My crazy brother-total redneck.


My very guilty pleasure: America's Next Top Model

The ty-overs are back. The Jays are back. The model screaming is back. 
Yep. America's Next Top Model is baaaack.
My guilty pleasure is back on Wednesday nights. This year, they have a bunch of hopefuls as usual, but the hopefuls are still not ty-ed over. I have my favs already, I have my least favs. (One got cut the first night-ZING!) So far my favys are: 
she is 6'2 with legs that go on for dayyyys
she is the one that Tyra was put under fire because of how tiny her waist is
she is awkward and I love it. 
who is from Rockford, IL where I went to college for a semester
she is down to earth and totally high fashion.

I cannot wait to see how this turns out!!
Who are your favorites?

Emma Stone, my girl crush.

Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw
& who hasn't seen her in Zombieland? Ever since viewing Zombieland on my 1st anniversary, I have a girl crush, I admit it. My fiance knows it. 

High waist skirt?
Now she is in a movie that looks like a fun, light-hearted, "I will watch when on tv" (you know the type...Clueless, Never Been Kissed...etc)... movie. 
& I want to see it tonight. Who wants to come with me? 
I will go see this during the weekend sans Mike or with him. 


I am back.

My life consists of school, work and being sick. I have learned that since I put off the wedding, I focus more on work and school and then end up being sick. I want to start blogging again because I want to become a blogger who people look up to. So with that, I am going to try and blog more. I am going to do more reader friendly posts, try to host giveaways and blog more than once a week! Let's see how long this lasts...